3 ways Super Mario 3D Land is the most old-school 3D Mario game yet

Super Mario 3D Land masterfully fills a 3D Mario adventure with 2D sensibilities.

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THR1LLHOUSE2432d ago

I love Mario, but is a new Mario game that feels like an old Mario game a refreshing return to form, or is it a pandering rehash trying to tap into your nostalgia?

Actually, I guess that's a question worth asking of Nintendo in general...

krontaar2432d ago

yeah, this is the first mario game im not picking up. It just seems like a step back.

DNAbro2432d ago

IMO this game is much better than the New Super Mario Bros series.

Sadie21002432d ago

Hmm, I never realized the 3D Marios didn't have you go from small to big Mario for extra health. Pretty obvious now that the article mentioned it!

NagaSotuva2432d ago

Mario games are the perfect combination of cute and hardcore.

Agheil2432d ago

never really played with my 3ds as much as i am now wit this game

Tone2432d ago

This game is awesome!!

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