Forza Motorsport 4: Week in Review 11/11

There I was, careening around the curves of Maple Valley in my blue and yellow Honda S2000 on the fifth lap of a five lap event. I had a comfortable lead and I was climbing the hill to prepare for the final downhill run and right-hand turn before the start/finish line. An easy victory was in my hands… that is, until I hit a curb at precisely the wrong angle and managed to kick my S2000 up onto two wheels. For an instant, my car teetered on the edge, as I did my best to find the right steering angle that would put it back on four wheels. Instead of heroically righting the car and careening to the finish line, I took the exact opposite route: flipping the car and ending up out of the race. With the rewind button option turned off, all I could do is watch in humiliation as AI cars happily sped past me.

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mcstorm2252d ago

Im still loving this game to me its my GOTY.

ironwolf2252d ago

1. Simple statement of fact (a personal preference).
2. 2 disagrees.

Yes it is now official. The Mods can change the name of the site from "News 4 Gamers" to "News 4 PS3 Fanboys".

Let's stop kidding ourselves, shall we?

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Look at MEEEEEEEE. Tools above. They're annoying. Verry verrrry annoying. There's a silent F word somewhere in that last sentence.