Guild Wars 2: Beta and the Final Profession Timeframes has looked at the numbers and has some theories on when NCSoft is going to announce the final profession as well as possibly beta.

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xseven2468d ago

I think it makes sense if they're wanting to keep up the hype about the game.

ATi_Elite2468d ago

This is Guild Wars doesn't need any Hype. Every PC Gamer I know is getting it. In most forums you bring up SW:TOR it will be followed by a 100 "blah blah blah...I'm getting GW2 instead".

I myself have already planned on getting TERA and The Secret World but they will have to take a back seat to GW2 when it comes out although TERA and TSW look FANTASTIC!!

GW2 is just way too big with way too much stuff to do. The whole battle and explore under water was one of the tipping points for me as that just made GW2 a go anywhere no limitations type of game.

2012 is the year that MMO's kick major Butt and it will be started off by SW:tor in 2011 but Q1 2012 will be huge. GW2 TSW TERA and WOW expansion pak then Firefall Eve Online expansion and Planetside 2.

kefkah2468d ago

It is going to be hell at the moment to get any kind of hype with the recent console games releases and then that 900 pound gorilla called TOR. And then The Secret World launches beta after the holiday with a mere 4 months before going live. They had best have a damn good plan.