Which PC devs have gotten console game design right so far?

With the 360 attracting its fair share of former and current PC devs, xboxer takes a look at how successful their first endeavors in next-gen console land have been.

Epic Games- Gears of War

Epic Games managed to translate their gameplay over brilliantly to the 360. The fast-paced and frenetic gameplay of the Unreal series is in evidence here, with the game dumping you straight into the combat. The cover system and the weapons map out fantastically to the 360 controller, making the cover system feel natural and intuitive. OK, so the game was basically providing us with the same thirty seconds of fun over and over again. But that's not a million miles away from what they did on the PC beforehand. Not revolutionary perhaps, but a real blast and executed to console perfection.

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led10903952d ago

dunno after playing crysis gears was just ok i mean its nothing special dosent bring anything new to the table...same with crysis actually the 2 games are quite similar in the sense that both of them are not revolutionary....but crysis is evolutionary its just amazing at what it does

Lex Luthor3952d ago

Are monilith the one that do No one lives forever on pc? (might be mistaken)
Loved that game.

Lord Cheese3951d ago

anyone remember Shogo: Mobile Armor Division? That was a monolith game - used the same engine as blood 2 - it was superb - an fps where you played as a battlemech! AWESOME!

RuffledLays3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

Yes, Gears of War actually got its inspiration from a lot of games, but as far as control design goes, Epic did a great job with. Sure its annoying when snagging on cover while Roadie running, but apart from that, the overall job was fantastic.

Even Valve seems to have done a good job on The Orange Box with the 360. Pity EA had to do the PS3 version and cause so many problems.

Same goes for Infinity Ward's job with CoD4.

And yes Monolith handled the NOLF and the FEAR series. All good games except for Contract JACK and Extraction Point. Let's hope Project Origin doesn't screw up as bad as Perseus Mandate.

mesh13951d ago

epic are not great devs tbh gers of war is for the casual player bioware/2k/sk/ have nailed next gen eprfectly with games that actually are brilliant