Xbox 10-Year Birthday Bash [GameRevolution]

GR celebrates the 10-year anniversary of the Xbox console, Office Space style.

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BigWoopMagazine2347d ago

Need bigger hammer! I'm really surprised those things could handle all that before breaking apart... slightly.

NukaCola2347d ago

Xplay did a test like 6 years ago about the consoles and the Xbox was the winner in durability. You can step on it, drop it, and drop a brink on it without it damaging. The Gamecube was in last place. That little thing smashed really bad.

joeyisback2347d ago

the old xbox back in the day is better built then the 360

RedDead2347d ago

The old Xbox was better built that everything so...I get what you're saying though, the 360 was built like a piece of shi*

Virus2012347d ago

The old xbox was really a dormant transformer.

Oaklnd2347d ago

all these console birthdays

LostTokens2347d ago

Dammit I've had dreams about Office Space-ing an original XBox... and I've never had the chance. :-(