IGN-Bethesda Looking Into Skyrim PS3 Framerate Issues

In the time since launch, some users playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PlayStation 3 have reported significant framerate drops after their save files reach a size of 6 MB. It's difficult to tell how widespread the issue may be, and none in the IGN offices have yet encountered it. Some users say they've experienced no issues at all, but given the flood of user feedback we've been receiving and threads on Bethesda's official forums, we reached out for comment.

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pangitkqb2465d ago

Good to hear. I'm loving the game, but ever since the save file passed 7 MB on my PS3 it has been suffering notable frame-rate drops. Hopefully this issue can be addressed quickly; it's a pretty important issue.

fluffydelusions2465d ago

Pretty sure this problem existing in FO3 and FO:NV and it was never addressed or so I hear...

Blacktric2465d ago

New Vegas one patched couple of months after release. Skyrim one should patch sooner than that.

yesmynameissumo2465d ago

That's exactly what I'm going through and it takes away from the game. My save is a little over 8MB and the frame drops are frequent, noticeable and frustrating during a fight. This game is not a 10/10.

Ren_2465d ago

Turning off the PS3 and then reloading the game and fast-travelling less often seems to fix these issues temporarily.

MariaHelFutura2465d ago

I'm 30-35hrs in..... :)

As long as I turn off all of the autosaves except for the travel one, it works absolutely perfect

yesmynameissumo2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

I'll do that! Thanks for the tip. + bubbles

Domer252465d ago

Turn off all autosaves
Delete any old auto saves in the xmb(game save data)
In system settings:
Turn off Notifications
Turn off "what's new" displays (consume ram)
Reconfigure Ps3 data under safe mode options (google it)

Works like a charm -----Thanks to Neogaf

Oh and delete most of your old save data when it gets to big....

Drekken2465d ago

Bugthesda strikes again. As much as I want a game like this, I curse the fact they make it.

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gamingisnotacrime2465d ago

Bethesda games just perform better on 360, no doubt.

im still debating on what console i will get the game. inclining towards the 360, but i want the PS3 trophies :(

kevnb2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

I doubt it will ever be fixed. Kind of thing that scares me away from consoles, the game wont work on a new console any better so youre just screwed. The 360 version looks about typical console okish performance that a pc gamer would never accept on a mix of low/medium.

hennessey862465d ago

Still undecided on what platform to get this on ps3 or 360

BoNeSaW232465d ago

How about they Patch Fallout 3 GOTY Edition on PS3 First!