PlayStation Vita 'Will Be Dynamite,' says GameStop

PlayStation Vita will soon be launching in Japan, but for those of us in America, we'll be waiting until February 22 to get our hands on Sony's newest portable. There are a lot of question marks surrounding Vita and dedicated handheld gaming in general, but leading retailer GameStop appears to be optimistic.

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Chaostar2405d ago

Although I'm fairly sure it will be, gamestop are bound to say that aren't they. Still day one for me, despite being a little dissapointed by the PSP. Getting the chance to try it out at Eurogamer expo really sold it for me, just seeing what its capable of first hand was something special.

miyamoto2405d ago

We are getting the Wi-Fi bundle here in Canada at @ $300.

Really digging the PS Vita Wallet!

Gives you the feeling like a full pledged gamer! XD

cpayne932405d ago

The only handhelds that didn't disapoint me in some way were the gb color and the gba.

contra1572405d ago

The vita will be an excellent portable console, its pushing technology like no other. The 3DS has failed to do what the vita will achieve. Boycott gamestop!

Sugreev20012405d ago

I'm optimistic too.Sony has an amazing first-party line up,which will definitely help a lot.

ElementX2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Dynamite? So the Sony batteries will start on fire like in the laptops?


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