Checking out gory nature of Ultimate Mortal Kombat's fatalities

Midway is set to bring Ultimate Mortal Kombat to Nintendo DS on Dec 7th. UMK will combine the fighting of the original Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 release and the "Puzzle Kombat" of Mortal Kombat: Deception in a single cart, with a new record-keeping ability and online multiplayer.

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riksweeney3951d ago

Checking out gory nature of Ultimate Mortal Kombat's lame-alities

There, fixed it

marcellizot3951d ago

Erm not sure why mine got reported repeatedly as a duplicate despite the fact that I submitted it 20 hrs ago and this was only submitted 13 hrs ago.

Doesn't matter as seeing it is to the same link and I am promoting that site you are making my job easier but it is still poor etiquette.

sgaap3951d ago

In the upper screen, you see the buttons you'll have to press to do a move/combo/fatality. You don't have to remember all those codes to perform such moves anymore!