Minecraft is Suddenly Looking Very Dated: Lords of Uberdark [Preview] | DIYGamer

Lords of Uberdark is a remarkable Minecraft-like that does away with the standard blocky look in favor of cel shaded, beautiful graphics. It truly is a cut above the competition.

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CrimsonEngage2284d ago

The mod community for Minecraft says hi.

Realistic texture packes and water shaders ftw!

Kakihara2284d ago

The secret is to spend the time you'd normally spend coming up with a creative original idea on ripping off an already well established game, that frees up a lot of time for graphical updates.

BattleTorn2284d ago

I thought it looked impressive.

It seems that the industry sure has fallen in love with "Minecraft"esk games (block builder genre? idk)

I'm surprised some big company hasn't come and made a AAA miner game, just to stomp Minecraft out.

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