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To call Bethesda’s open-world RPGs “massive” would be an understatement of… well, massive proportions. There aren’t many games that can encompass such a wide landscape and still pack it full of interesting locations, characters, and stories. Does The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continue this heritage even after Fallout 3‘s departure from Bethesda’s fantasy-leaning series? - PSLS

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BigWoopMagazine2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

And what a daunting review this must have been - I generally like to go completionist before writing a review, or close to it, so had it been me this would have been posted next year. So much to do!!

Agreed almost completely, but a few game breaking bugs hold it back a bit for me, which I had hoped I wouldn't see this time around. Save often. Extremely often. I can't complete the Companion's quest line because I didn't save right before a key character disappeared forever. Nonetheless, I shall push on and conquer Skyrim, for I am Dovahkiin!

decimalator2134d ago

Yeah, I don't trust reviews that haven't gone through the whole game and experienced as much of the game as possible. With a game like this, that is a loooong process. Well done!

maniacmayhem2134d ago

I have this game still in its gamefly sleeve. I need to get past batman and practice umvc3 first. Then when the holiday vacation hits submerse myself in this rpg goodness.

AgentWD402134d ago

going to have to pick up this game soon, PS3 or 360 is the only question I have. Any advice.

ddurand12134d ago

im enjoying the PS3 version. I havent encountred any real bugs yet. but im only 10 hrs into it.

Its really up to your preference though.

BigWoopMagazine2134d ago

It's my understanding that each has their own issues. 360 sees issues with loading textures when it's installed to the hard drive, due to streaming from that being slower than from the DVD. PS3 version starts lagging as your game save gets bigger through progression, because it won't clear the RAM out. Both are solved fairly easily - xbox don't install it, and ps3 just restart your ps3 and it clears the RAM. Of course, there's people who debate about graphics, but for me it's the experience that matters, it looks great either way.

outlawlife2134d ago

that is not the source of the 360 issue...streaming from hard drive is always faster than the disc which is why ps3 games have mandatory installs.

The reason for the 360 issue is the hard drive is not caching properly. The game still wants to stream from the disc so the cache is not pulling everything it needs to stream properly. This was an oversight from Bethesda and will be fixed easily next patch I assume.

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