Mass Effect 3: Ashley Gets the Angry Gorilla Makeover

GR: "Bioware has "improved" Ashley's face to now look like an angry gorilla."

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Godmars2902138d ago

Given what they've been doing, you're going to have to be specific.

Actually, what did she look like in ME1?

DarkBlood2138d ago

pretty much like me2 really

RyuDrinksTheDew2138d ago

she actually looked almost identical between ME1 and ME2.

only really changes were due to the engine overhaul between games.

crxss2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

@DarkBlood lol so true.

ashley's always been ugly. this girl (jillian - on the other hand... omfg i don't care that liara's blue. just look at her!

Grip2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

OMG I'm Scared, who gave the monkey meat????
F* Bioware

teething2137d ago

This article is like a tabloid... they find one "bad" picture and criticize it. "ASHLEY IS APE LOVE-CHILD" would be a better heading. Play the effing game and decide.

Sigh, it is articles like this that make me dislike Bioware for "listening to it's fans"

If you listen too much, "fans" will start to cry about EVERYTHING in hopes that Bioware will "listen" and change it. You start chasing your tail and second guessing your creative vision. Shakespeare's works would not be the same had twitter and forums been around. It would probably be more like "Twilight" or some other generic crap. You can't please everyone, accept that fact and just follow your creative vision.

Some examples of "helpful fan input," and responses after changes were made:

"The Liara stature breasts are too big." Bioware listens and makes them smaller. "The Liara statue breasts are too small."

"The ME1 inventory menus suck." Bioware listens and removes them. "Bring back the inventory menus."

"I hate ME1 elevators." Bioware removes elevators. "I hate loading screens, bring back elevators."

"The mako sucks." Bioware listens and removes the mako. "Bring back the mako." Bioware listens and gives free Hamerhead DLC. "The hammerhead sucks."

"I don't like the leaked ME3 ending." Bioware listens and revises it. "The ME3 ending sucks, you should have gone with the leaked one..."

Bioware, don't listen to these people. Make the game the way you see fit. Listening to the fans is good, but you make games, they don't.

Diver2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

damn girl, lay off the frackin lip injections! there's a nice pout and then there is 'hey I just got socked in the kisser!'

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Intentions2138d ago

She looks depressed now.

hqgamez2138d ago

probably because she found out that shepard was with Miranda, and no longer cared. She began to eat more.
I'm just saying.

gamingdroid2138d ago

angry gorilla? lol...

She looked way better in the second one and by extension the first one.

That no longer looks like Ashley.

egidem2138d ago

Please someone tell me that that's not the final model for Ashley Williams.

PhantomTommy2138d ago

Oh yeah baby, thats what I'm talkin' bout.

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TheWolfSage2138d ago

I dunno, I think the one on the right looks a lot better.

Saladfax2138d ago

I have to admit, I never found Ashley to be overly appealing, and no, it's not because she shares the name of Bruce Campbell's character in Evil Dead/Army of Darkness.

TheWolfSage2138d ago

I agree. I'm not saying she needs to be some supermodel or anything, but her looks isn't feminine enough to really be ATTRACTIVE attractive. She looks good, and as a soldier she kicks EVERYONE'S ass, probably even Shepherd's at some points, but she didn't look very appealing when in her uniform. At least now her looks are pretty good, though the face IS a bit odd.

Noticeably_FAT2138d ago

She has had some bad plastic surgery.... botox ect...

redDevil872138d ago

More like she got beat down with the ugly stick by every single Bioware developer.

Dante1122138d ago

Lol, it looks like she had some work done.

C_Menz2138d ago

The new version looks like a version of Miranda, just with a wider face and looks meaner. Maybe they will reveal that Ashley was jealous in ME2 for Shepard prancing around with Miranda saving everyone so she got plastic surgery to look just like her.

ME3 will start out with Ashley taking Miranda out and pretending to be her to win back Shepard's love if he romanced Miranda in ME2.

tigertron2138d ago

"The fact that Bioware considers this markedly poor change to be an improvement may be a bad sign for what the company has in store for the third game".

Just because Ashley looks a bit different in an early version of the game does not mean ME3 will suck.

Canary2138d ago

Maybe you'd have a point if there were an isolated incident.

But it's not.

Disccordia2137d ago

Isn't it? The only other character that I've noticed a change in was kaiden and he looks much better than before

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