Are You Ready To Buy An Xbox 720 Next Year?

FleshEatingZipper says: Gee whiz, it feels like it was just yesterday that I sat alongside a Best Buy for thirteen and a half hours to pick up the Xbox 360 when it launched. Except that was, y’know, six years ago. Microsoft has made huge strides creating (and subsequently tearing down and rebuilding) the Xbox 360 console through drastic conversions that have made it the best-selling console in North America for most of the past year. They’ve got a ton of games under their belt, developers seem to be super happy with the hardware, but what’s this? While still very much in the red on this console, rumors are now flying around that Microsoft is set to bring out a whole new console as soon as next year. What could this new console probably be and are we really ready for new hardware now when it seems we can still get so much more out of the 360? Let’s go see!

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hennessey862439d ago

I will definitly buy one.

fluffydelusions2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Will buy 720, PS4, & WiiU (maybe)

pangitkqb2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

I'll be ready for a 720 in late 2012. In 2013 i'll be ready for a PS4, but no sooner; I'm enjoying my PS3 still enough to be content until then.

I'll be skipping the Wii U unless Nintendo reveals some features, capabilities, and games that make the console more desirable.

yesmynameissumo2439d ago

I'm going to wait a little on the 720, only b/c of the horseshit I had to go through with the 360. I don't think they'll be rushing to market, but better safe than sorry. The PS4 is a given, but I'm perfectly content with the PS3 right now. I think the PS3 has a lot of life to live. And I'm with pangitkqb...Wii U is going to have to show me more before I really consider it.

Iamback2438d ago

I will jump in finally

Dante1122439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Yeah...I can say I'm ready for the new consoles (720, PS4, WiiU).

Edit: Btw, do you guys think we'll see bigger and more player enabled games as far as online multiplayer goes or will that likely just pertain to the single player modes on the new consoles (Bigger, longer games with better graphics)?

AgentWD402439d ago

I think we will see atleast battlefield 3 sized maps on the pc for next gen and about the same player count.

Christopher2439d ago

Not until I'm forced to buy one because developers stop supporting this generation of consoles.

MariaHelFutura2439d ago

Yeah, I'm ready and I'll buy it. But i'll wait a few month first.... I dont think MS will mess up as bad as the did w/ the 1st 360s.....but i'll wait just in case. Plus, most launch games arent very good.

kreate2438d ago

im ready now in 2011. bring it on!

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death2smoochie2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )


So with that thinking...and i KNOW you're not a hypocrite..................... ......

Did you wait to buy a PS3 based on the design flaws of the PS2 and the same logic you are using now?
DRE that plagued that system for years and also how Sony at that time for 4 YEARS denied there was an issue...even telling consumers to "clean the lens" and that it was their fault...which resulted in them being sued in a class action lawsuit and later ADMITTING the flaw and settled the case...4 years after the PS2 launch?
Seems MS AND Sony lie about things...Of course you know this...and you're not a hypocrite...Right Darkride?

Btw. Sony NEVER paid for repairs of those systems that failed after the warranty because of those design flaws. Consumers had to wait 4 years after the class action lawsuit to get ANY form of compensation.

So you did not fall for that again from Sony did you?
Two generations in a row from an ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURER having its launch consoles with design flaws? Warping plastic disk trays and DRE?
Or is this a MS thing FOR you Darkride........
Naaaa...You're not a hypocrite.......Never....

So based on that logic...I assume you waited for the PS2 after what happened to the PS1 and waited for the PS3 after what happened to the PS2? Oh wait....

richierich2439d ago

I sure am if I save up now then I should have enough before next year. Im all for the Next Gen consoles

green2439d ago

Absolutely. Have had a 360 for 6 years (original for 5 years) and the S for a year) so i am pumped and so ready to jump in to the next gen.

NYC_Gamer2439d ago

i am ready for new console hardware

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