Update: Activision is slowly nursing Call of Duty Elite online network back to health

VentureBeat's Dean Takahashi interviews Activision exec about nursing Call of Duty Elite back to health

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lsujester2462d ago

Honestly, this is one program I had hoped that would fail miserably, as it will probably be the first step towards making COD a pay-to-play online shooter.

But, I am happy for the users if they can get it working. I would burn down one of Bobby Kotick's 14 houses if I gave them fifty dollars for a service I couldn't even sign into.

GraveLord2461d ago

The moment it goes pay to play is the day I stop buying it. It will never happen dude.

lorianguy2462d ago

I'm outraged it was even broken in te first place. Surely they must have seen huge numbers of users coming online at launch, simply by looking at sales for the call of duty games.

For something 600,000 people have payed for, as in another game price, that's a shade under £21m generated soly from elite.

For gods sake Activision, stop being such tight asses and actually hire people who know what they're doing and buy a good number of servers.

Until Activision actually spend some of the cash they're sitting on to make a decent game with working online features and networking they don't deserve to be considered a decent company. Customer service comes after money for them and that is what I find to be really sad.

Apologies for my rant but it really is ridiculous that over a week after release a service people have spent £21 on is still not functional, not to mention the lack of phone apps as a result.