The Lack of Story in First-Person Shooters writes, "Today’s video game fans seem to gravitate to what studios tend to be producing the most: first-person shooters. There’s nothing wrong with a great FPS, and within the last few years we’ve seen quite a few great gameplay elements be introduced into the genre. There’s just one big problem with almost all first-person shooters: the story."

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lorianguy2434d ago

A lot of people seem content with endless enemies and explosions; at least according to the developers.

We demand more story!

farhsa20082434d ago

Games like Resistance, Half life and Bioshock put the rest of the FPS's to shame.
They set the right example and prove that a story doesn't have to be an afterthought in a shooter.

Getowned2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Half life is still the best! come on valve HL3! where is it!

walking2434d ago

They're using the wrong image for this thread. battlefield 3 has the worst single-player story ever. Why not use it? This useless war against COD is pointless, and ineffective.

ATi_Elite2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

The endless enemies until you pass an imaginary line has always been stupid to me but the Hollywood Michael Bay style of action of COD is a crowd pleaser.

If you want a deep engrossing well developed story then may i suggest you go play a RPG or a FPS/RPG like STALKER. There just isn't too much of a story for a simple minded linear FPS now a days especially the FPS that we buy MOSTLY for the MP mode anyway.

There are FPS games like Half Life and others that have excellent stories and an Excellent SP mode cause the games main focus is SP.

Now a days way too many Devs are trying to put together a game with an awesome SP and MP mode but only end up gimping the game itself. EA forcing DICE to make a SP for BF3 was a waste of time. Pretty much only Halo and COD have the formula to do it well enough.

*Oh and The Arma series but that's like on a whole other level it's almost disrespecting the greatness that is Amra to put it in a category with COD.*

hennessey862434d ago

Shooting games are all about big guns and explosions, if you want an epic story play story driven games like gta, heavy rain, unchrted 1,2,and 3, alan wake and theres plenty more.

stickskills2434d ago

Why can't shooters have an incredible story? It's that sort of mindset that makes an FPS title exactly what it is today.

hennessey862434d ago

I enjoyed BF3 campain and story, it was like an epsiode of 24 and thats no bad thing. Mw3 campain was also good in my eyes with a continuing story from number 1 which I have enjoyed

stickskills2434d ago

@hennessey86 - I just can't agree about BF3's singleplayer. I felt like they had 1-2 great missions, but the rest felt forced & generic shoot, run, repeat. At what point do you feel attached to the main character? They fail to setup that attachment to the character or what's happening to him.

Getowned2434d ago

there are lots of fps with a good story just not many this gen it's all MP focused

AgentWD402434d ago

Some games don't need a story, but they could put abit more effort into it. There are plenty of good story driven FPS games though, The darkness, duex ex, metro etc.

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Fishy Fingers2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Well when you consider less than 20% of Black Ops owners actually completed the story you can see why multiplayer gets the attention (just using as an example).

Lets be honest here, if you buy FPS games for the single player, let alone the story, then you are the minority.

Jobesy2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

20% finished Blops because the story was horrendous. The whole game was nothing but "the numbers Mason, tell us what they mean." I got halfway through and couldn't finish it.

I may be the minority but I do expect a good campaign from the fps games I buy.

Mutley4162434d ago

team deployed to different locations...what else do you

Der_Kommandant2434d ago

BF3 campaing was one of the best i've ever player

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