The Catch-Up - Resistance: Fall of Man

Default Prime's Kyree Leary looks back at one of the earlier titles in his PlayStation 3 backlog, discovering that he doesn't quite agree with the review figures on the box...

"I look at the box for Resistance: Fall of Man and noticed two things: 1).The ‘Spider-man 3’ Font and 2). a 9.5 from Gameinformer and a 5/5 from X-Play. “Oh, I’m in for a great time” I thought. How could I not with two high review scores like that? Having heard so much about the Resistance games and knowing it was developed by Insomniac, how could things go wrong?"

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sorceror1712464d ago

"I don’t even know the name of the dude that I’m playing as"

Um, they use his name *all the time*. They don't call him "Master Chief" either... :)

Interesting he didn't mention any of the varied weapons except the ones you get early on.

mandf2464d ago

Nathan Hale. The women narrater names him every cutscene.