PI: PETA Now Targeting Zelda and Star Wars, Among Others

As you have likely already heard, animal rights activists PETA recently took a stand for their cause against the video game world as they threw down the gauntlet with Nintendo over the Tanooki suit in Super Mario 3D Land.

There is indeed cause for alarm with this recent revelation, and certainly an issue that has been far overlooked. To drive their point home, PETA has filed several other complaints across the gaming and entertainment industries that target some of our most revered franchises.

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DeFFeR2462d ago

People Eating Tasty Animals

I love PETA.

bwazy2462d ago

At least they're trying to make a difference in the world. You can continue to post incomplete sentences on N4G whilst your life continues to go no where and you accomplish nothing even close to what they have done in their existence.

wallis2461d ago

You're right, this guy seems nothing like a self righteous hypocritical hyper active nut bag intent on ramming his poorly thought moralistic crap down every one else's throat.

Oh and btw if passion and changing the world is all that's needed to give the organization merit then let me introduce you to the Nazis.

Capt-FuzzyPants2461d ago

I'm pretty sure that actually was a complete sentence.

bwazy2462d ago

Tanooki suit was a joke, PETA acknowledged it.

Entropic2461d ago

Yes, this article is more or less a continuation of that joke; it's essentially a parody of the whole scenario.

I agree though, as a huge dog person, I support PETA all the time (though I could probably do without cats, haha).