UGO: Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness review

The future is a bright one for strategy RPGs on Sony PlayStation Portable if Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness is any indication. Actually an enhanced remake of the original PS2 game, Afternoon of Darkness adds wireless trading, competitive online engagements and the all-new Etna Mode to the already entertaining main story. UGO gives Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness an overall rating of A-.

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Darkiewonder3953d ago

To mail me my $20 Reward zone certificate so i can buy this game ;3

Loopy3953d ago


It's A+++++

Easily the best RPG in my book.
Fun, addictive, humoristic (especially in jap original language, because the english dubbing sucks), great playability for both casual and hardcore gamers.

AllroundGamer3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

just because of this game i've bought the component cables for my PSP slim, cause my eyes hurt a lot thx to the 100 hours i spend with this addicting game :) it's definitely one of the best PSP games out there

Edit: Loopy i'm just hanging out too much in the item world :D

Loopy3953d ago

Laharl lv700+
And I get pummeled in Beauty's Castle :(