Japanese Press Takes Delivery of the PlayStation Vita

Andriasang: "It appears that Sony has sent out PlayStation Vita units to the Japanese press. Get News got review units and posted a few pics of the system in the wild."

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Misterhbk2468d ago

Lucky Japs, they're only a month away from getting their hands on the Vita. Still 3 months for the rest of us. Can't wait til reviews and such start coming out though.

Optical_Matrix2468d ago

You know Misterhbk, when you say 3 months, it doesn't actually sound THAT long. But it feels it man. This system is gonna be beast. Between this and the 3DS, my handheld gaming endeavours may eclipse my console gaming until next generation, depending on if 3rd and 1st parties can deliver as many games as they are now/in the first quarter of 2012.

What launch games are you thinking of going for?

fluffydelusions2468d ago

Does anyone know if FIFA 12 will allow for cross platform play between PSV/PS3?

Misterhbk2468d ago

I've already got 3 launch games preordered and paid for. 4 if you could Little Deviants because I'm getting the First Edition Bundle. Games for me so far are;

Uncharted: Golden Abyss
ModNation Racers: Road Trip
Little Deviants (freebie....sort of)

I'm also going to add Gravity Daze to the list soon and if Final Fantasy X release date is announced around launch throw that in there too.

My Vita collection of games is likely to hit 20+ within the first year of the device. Assuming Sony keeps dropping games like they've been announcing.

supremacy2468d ago

My list of games...

Ridge racer-
I am a big ridge racer fan. I think the psp one was the best one, but either way I always bag a ridge racer with the purchase of a new PlayStation platform.

Uncharted golden abyss-
What can I say, ever since I played the first game uncharted drakes fortune it became my new favorite franchise.

Gravity daze-
I love a game with a unique feel to it and full of creativity at that. Love the anime feel to it, the theme, the characters, this is a game I am sure I will enjoy alot.

Resistance burning skies-
Resistance is one of my favorite shooters of all time, like the atmosphere and the gritty approach the series has taken. The vita has two analog sticks, so this will be my very first fps experience on the go, excuse me I meant to say my first proper fps experience on the go.

Shinobido 2?-

This game reminds me a lot of tenchu, and thats a series I enjoyed greatly so this will do.

cpayne932468d ago

I feel the same if you replace Ridge racer with modnation, and add killzone in there.

supremacy2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

Now as far as remakes, ports and such I would like see...

Resident evil zero
Resident evil one gamecube remake
Onimusha HD collection
Ratchet and clank HD collection
Rogue galaxy
Dark cloud HD collection
Twisted metal black
Shenmue HD collection
Jet set radio HD collection
Sonic adventures HD collection
Dragon quest HD collection(limited to ps2 games only)
Kingdom hearts HD collection (ps2 games)
Final fantasy 12
Shinobi (ps2 game)
Wild arms HD collection (ps2 games)
Xenoblade HD collection (ps2 games)
Grand theft auto HD collections
Street fighter 4 arcade (with exclusive sf x tekken characters)
Contra shatter soldier
Castlevenia HD collections (ps2 games)
Arc the lad HD collections
Tenchu (ps2 fames)
Bloody roar (ps2 games)
Suikiden HD collections(ps2 games)
Wild arms HD collections (ps2 games)
Skies of arcadia HD (gamecube game)
Persona HD collection(ps2 games)
Star ocean HD collection (ps2 games)

As for ps3 games I feel need and can use a second chance and maybe find a home with the vita are...

Heavenly sword
Untold legends dark warrior
Genji days of the blade
Socom 4
Virtua fighter 5

As for the 360 exclusives I feel could find a new home in vita...

Splinter cell double agent
Splinter cell conviction
Last remnant

And thats it for now.... please voice your opinions.

JoeReno2467d ago

Tenchu was great on the PS2. The single nub on the psp didn't really cut it but I love to see a current Tenchu game.

Agheil2468d ago

My launch
Vita 1st EDITION BUNDLE and then week later LBP and Uncharted: GA later on:
- Gravity daze
- Sound shapes
- Mod nation (maybe)
- Resistance
- Ridge racer (maybe)
- Rayman origins
LOL many more

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