5 Things I Don't Like About Skyrim

Craig Will of GoozerNation goes over the little things that in Skyrim that he thinks need improvement.

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Halochampian2434d ago

only complaint I have is that I dont get rest bonuses for work due to playing too much Skyrim

JohnnyMann4202434d ago

My complaint with the article is that its wrong.

#1) NPCs are on the compass and if you hit local map they will show up

#2) Misc, just activate the parent. Duh! This guy even play that damned game?

#3) I don't get freezing... Possibly cause I am on PC? The idiot never mentions the system he's using.

#4) Really? Whining about auto increment on a save slot? Who gives a sh*t. It overwrites the old one. It's not like you end up with 100+ save spots.

#5) Cooking should be a skill thats leveled up. Ughh. He can't even handle a save slot increment. How could he handle cooking levels? :P

JohnnyMann4202433d ago

WTF, I got disagrees for being right? Someone is swinging on the nuts of the author.

danielle0072433d ago

Why are you so cranky and taking his list of small annoyances personally? He states clearly that he didn't think the last two were game ruiners - just annoyances to him personally. It's a personal opinion piece, you know. It's not going to be true for everyone. Also, he did post an edit that he was wrong and found out how to do activating of the quests.

I don't know the author, but damn. You're being all out hostile towards the guy for little to no reason. I feel like you are not Skyrim in human form, so you shouldn't be taking his list as personal insults to you. :P

vickers5002433d ago


NPCs don't show up on the compass/radar though. I shouldn't have to go into a menu and look at a map every time I want to find someone that is in my general vicinity (and I also don't want to scour every nook and cranny of that vicinity to find who I'm looking for).

A sub-complaint related to that one that I personally have is that you can't tell if someones an enemy or not unless you either listen to them talking (and determine whether or not they are a bandit/hostile by what they are saying, as they usually tend to talk about the same stuff over and over again), sneak up to them to where they can't see you and hover over their name to see if they are friendly or hostile, or risk detection.

Enemies need to show up like they did in oblivion, whenever you got near the area of an enemy, red lines on the compass would show up, regardless of whether you were noticed or not. I was standing right behind a wall that an enemy was just on the other side of, but I couldn't tell whether it was an enemy or a friendly because my compass didn't show sh*t. That and the authors "complaint #1" are my biggest problems with Skyrim so far, but they aren't gamebreakers, just annoyances.

It's also annoying that storage containers don't have their own sorting categories, so when I look through all the things that I've gathered throughout my time playing Skyrim, I have to scroll through every single item to find what I'm looking for. Again, not a game breaker, but really annoying.

heroicjanitor2433d ago

Yeah his second one is wrong anyway, you can mark the misc quests as active.

Mutant-Spud2433d ago

I had no problems with freezing on 360 until today, I had the game lock up three times in about 10 minutes all in Ivarstead.
I talked to the miller, lock up.
Talked to the guy who lost his sister, lock up.
Left the inn, lock up.
After that I left the village and went to the Barrow nearby and had framerate drops and slowdown but no lock ups for about an hour.

RedDragan2433d ago

I don't have the freezing issue. In fact, I don't get enough time to read the writing on the loading screen when going into and out of buildings.

But then again, I am playing on a PC.

Tonester9252433d ago

#3) I don't get freezing... Possibly cause I am on PC? The idiot never mentions the system he's using.

*I have gotten to a point where I would swing my sword, freeze (but i could still hear the sound), then come back.* I'm on PS3.Or when I go to the menu to pick magic, map, etc.. I would have to tap X multiple times.

Something I dont like is that they said when you keep saving and overwriting your file, the amount of KB goes up because of dropped weapons, NPCs met, going to different towns. It doesn't reset so everything keeps adding up and it affects gameplay performance.I forget how much Kb it has to be but this is a problem. This was said to be fixed in the upcoming patch so we will see. I also think that there is away around that happening but... why can't it just work like its suppose to?

I hope I answered this right

SwampCroc2433d ago


"NPCs don't show up on the compass/radar though. I shouldn't have to go into a menu and look at a map every time I want to find someone that is in my general vicinity (and I also don't want to scour every nook and cranny of that vicinity to find who I'm looking for)."

that's all I read of your respone to whoever's comment... and I'm calling BS... you are right NPCS don't show up on the map.... However, your problem with running around and finding them is not a problem at all.

they are in fact actual characters that have their own place/roles in the world of Skyrim... so therefore the NPCS are free to roam around and do whatever they want... they are free to get killed if you choose. Although, all of them aren't killable for example Ulric Stormcloak can't be killed... atleast not yet anyway...

but that could be because I sided with the Storm Cloaks... but that still didn't stop me from trying to kill him...

so you have to think if the NPC's were on the MAP then the realism of walking in a strange town and looking for merchants would be out the window...

the premise of the game is to try and draw YOU the ACTUAL PERSON into the world of Skyrim....

and one of the only ways to do that is to have people properly interact/react in the world like WE do in reality... or atleast emulate it to some what..

there would be no life to the game if the NPCS stood in the same spot every damn second, so you knew exactly where they were...

that my friend is just poor planning on your part... learn the game and learn the people that deal with the items you want to purchase or sell...

obviously a Court Wizard isn't going to by your Great Sword of Frost...

Heartnet2433d ago

Dude 1. Npc'

2. Only does this for me some of the time xD
3. probz more random
4. And u do if u end up with 100+ saves.. if u just click save and then save again it makes a new save.. im currently on like 23 or sumin xD..
5. and u know u agreedeed with this slot really ;)

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lMHl2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

my only complaint is none of the NPC use the saying "Balls Deep" anywhere in the game when they had so many opportunities like when you get fucked over by the brother hood and that gaurd says kill him he could have said "your balls deep in trouble now".

scotchmouth2433d ago

Made me LOL this morning!

N4Flamers2433d ago

I agree and disagree with you

I hate the sorting system for chests in this game, but I dont mind not knowing if someone is friendly or not. I think it ads to the immersion of the game. I usually find out when I shoot them.

Cenobia2433d ago

Doesn't every NPC you shoot become hostile?

I find myself worrying about shooting a friendly and killing them, so I usually walk up to people. Then I get swarmed by 3+ enemies and die.

I don't know if I'm in the wrong areas or something, but I've found this game to be a lot harder than Oblivion.

N4Flamers2433d ago

some just cower in fear.

a good rule is that if you're in the wilderness or dungeon, its more than likely a hostile. This is not always true but if you like stalking your prey like I do you can figure out what they are.

you can just walk up to them with your weapon drawn if they're hostile they'll attack, if not put your weapon away. I like a little realism here and there and I dont mind the way they went about this.

Halochampian2433d ago


If you accidentally hit a friendly and they try to attack you. Just holster your weapons (R for PC, X for 360, and square for ps3). They should back down.

Dunpeal2434d ago

It would be nice if we were able to set a marker within a town (local map). Some spots are tricky and the FPS view can get disorientating when you have no clue where you're going.

Bimkoblerutso2434d ago

I'm confused. I actually can mark miscellaneous quests as active and they do show up on the map for me.

Trenta272434d ago

You have to have both the overall miscellaneous quest clicked and then the specific quest you want to be tracked.

Adexus2434d ago

I don't think this guy knows about that, to be fair though, I tried marking them and I didn't realize why it wasn't working at first.

puffkix2434d ago

Really? Awesome. Thank you for that. Yeah I didn't realize that and I didn't see it mentioned anywhere... Well scratch one complaint.

BigBoss072433d ago

It will for most MISC quest, but some it won't give an arrow marker. Take finding Red-eagle's sword quest which comes from a book in the game. I click to active quest on both instances, but no arrow marker. However, you can press show location when in the map and quest menus and it will give you the general area the quest is located in.

You actually have to explore and figure out where some of these MISC quests take place. It's in the game's design.

Sean Ryno2434d ago

In my experience, it sometimes does not work. If you have the map menu open and then go into your missions and change the markers and then back out of that back to your map, it will not show up until you back out of your map. So just leave your map, and come back to it, and everything should be honky-dory.

gorebago2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

How about nothing. This game is near perfection.

These complaints are either nitpicking or ignorance.

theDECAY2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Yes, you are right. Bethesda are gods in human form.

vickers5002433d ago

Unfortunately these gods are forced to use our horrible technology/tools that us simple humans have created. That is why "bugs" in video games exist in the first place.

Pintheshadows2434d ago

These complaints are retarded. It isn't hard to find the npc's you're looking for, you can set miscellaneous quests as active (took me all of 30 seconds to work it out), and i've been playing for 68 hours and have had one freeze.

"I have things to do besides play you, Skyrim" is a quote from the article. What a loser.

JohnnyMann4202433d ago

Yeah they are, look at the disagrees. Someone (the author) seems to have friends.

To be honest most gamers think like you and I. The funniest thing is that the author is wrong. NPCs do show on compass (if quest is activated)and that MISC quests show up on map too.

He wrote an article where 2 out of 5 complaints are not real.

The 3 three are tiny. (incremental save spot?)

In short the author either has a lot of accounts or a few buddies that spam disagree on sensible gamers like you and I.

Hey Goozer... GFY

TyrannoTaurus2433d ago

Agreed. Most of the complaints are due to a failure to understand even the simplest of things about Skyrim's user interface. Even the auto-save feature can be changed from as much as every 5 minutes all the way to every 60 minutes OR just disabled outright from within the settings menu in the gameplay options. ....but I guess taking the time to make an article about these "problems" was easier than thinking.