PlayStation 3 Turns Five

GameRevolution - 5 years. In most cases, this would mean the end of a console's lifecycle. But not the PS3. Sony built the PS3 with the future in mind, and it's only now that developers are really taking advantage of the console's hardware. The console itself has had many changes, both in appearance and in functionality. Things have been removed, but much more has been added. Like all things, the PS3 has had its ups and downs - let's take a look.

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Relientk772351d ago

Pretty nice looking timeline you got there


stormeagle62351d ago

Doesn't mention that sales sucked for the first couple years cause of the insane price.

BigWoopMagazine2351d ago

It's uhhh... not exactly a milestone. But uh, the price drops are definitely mentioned, so you can kinda do the rough math there.

Majin-vegeta2351d ago

Bought mine for $500 and i don't think i wasted my money hell if you think about it how much were blu ray players when they came out??And with the ps3 you got that and the ability to play all your old school games.

MysticStrummer2351d ago

Yup I waited a few months to buy mine when the PS3 version of Oblivion came out and I've never regretted spending the money. Since then, everyone I know who bought a... uhhh... different console simply because it launched first at a cheaper price has traded them in for PS3s.

smashcrashbash2351d ago

Yeah I am sure they will put that in the time line. 'Duh, sales sucked for the first couple of years'. Yeah we always see companies shouting their mistakes or bad times from the highest mountains. If Microsoft made a time line they would make sure and add in RROD. 'Look everyone, this is when we messed up and looked like punks'. Talk sense please.

IRetrouk2351d ago

you do know the ps3 has sold at a higher and faster rate than the 360 every year since launch?

Drekken2351d ago

Walked out the store with my console, a controller, and a game for $670.00 when I got it. Worth every penny.

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CynicalVision2351d ago

I bought my fatty on launch day...EU launch day that is. 5 years next March. :)

2351d ago
Oaklnd2351d ago

gettin old there little guy