New Lord of Apocalypse Trailer Released

Square Enix revealed today a new trailer of Lord of Apocalypse, that will be releaased in Japan on PSP and PS Vita on December the 17th.

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Game4life2258d ago

hope this comes westside. We can never have too many good rpgs

RoyaleWC2258d ago

Should do, since Lord of Arcana was released in english, I'm really hoping so.

Abriael2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

yeah,hope so too. It looks like a great monster hunter alternative actually..

i'm just not so keen on some of the armors i've seen lol, WAY over the top.

Game4life2258d ago

Honestly I thoughtit looked similar to tales except with out battle encounters

RoyaleWC2258d ago

@Cy_wolf It's very Monster Hunter-ish with missions, guild rank, using monster parts for crafting etc, check out Lord of Arcana, the first in the series. :)