MGS 4 producer: If you want to play the game buy a PS3

An article by questions if "Metal Gear Solid 4" could be last of the great exclusives? Soaring production costs mean its tough for 3rd party games to make a profit if they are limited to one console. Assistant producer Ryan Payton said the new "Metal Gear Solid" needs to sell over a million copies on the first day it goes on sale due to its costly production.That might be very hard to accomplish!

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Bladestar3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Gamer: If you want to make money release it for the xbox 360. It's a lot easier for a gamer to avoid 1 game. then it's to one company to avoid making money. There is no way around it... releasing the game for both consoles will make them 10 times more money...

Loudninja3947d ago

they will sale over a million copies thus making profit they need.

BloodySinner3947d ago

Why settle for just a million when they could easily earn 5x more than that if it were to come to the other console?

PS3 Limps on and on3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Why do XBOX fans keep yapping?

Maybe we should pull down our pants and take pictures, so 360 fans can remember our asses.

The logical is really dropping lately here on, and it was never too good to begin with. I'm taking a rest from it. You can't win here, it's just a bunch of flame wars with each fanboy being optimistic about their console.

We don't make a difference to casual shoppers. They have no idea that this website even exists.

crank3947d ago

HAHAHAHA totally agreed!

Topshelfcheese3947d ago

Your all idiots, according to your theory, Bioshock should of been multiplatform as well as Gears, if those companies want make more money. Stop being so damn one-sided all the time. If you want to play MGS4 than buy a PS3 next year, there are other good games. Its really sad that people can't just own all the consoles so you never have to miss out of great games, glad I can.

Taker_1293947d ago

shouldn't you guys be off playing halo 2.5 errrr I mean halo 3?

Kleptic3947d ago

bladestar...shut up man...

MGS has never been PS brand exlusive overall...only timed...and it sold absolute shat on anything but a PS brand device...MGS2 was out on the original Xbox and no one bought it...everyone was too busy screaming about an overrated fps at the time (not much has changed in that department)...

most of us are aware that you fanatical 360 fanboys do buy anything put in front of you, but sadly you don't occupy all of the 360's user base...MGS4 is going to sell extremely well being only on the PS3...every MGS game released has done fine...its a caliber of game where people actually buy the console to play apposed to just sit in the corner and whine about how they wish it would come to "their" console...

marinelife93947d ago

Kojima said it would be a different game if he had to put it on the 360.

It will sell a million the first day.

BrianC62343947d ago

If you want to make a crappy MGS game make it for the 360. If you want to make an epic game that looks better than anything before it make it for the PS3. That's why Kojima is making it for the PS3. The 360 can't handle the game he wants to make.

Bladestar3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

what's wrong with you guys... My comments weren't about whether the Metal Gear will sell on the PS3 or if the title should stay on the PS3 for some Sony fanboy religious believe, but simply for that fact..

@Topshelfcheese - Well.. Yes and No... Remember what Sony said? "we don't pay for exclusive titles"... well... Developers got paid by microsoft to make bioshock exclusive and yet they were allowed to released it for the PC... both of the most profitable platforms to released a game for... Also, what if microsoft paid more than what bioshock could possibly make by releasing it on the PS3? well.. we all know that 3rd party developers are on their own on the PS3... unless Sony lied about "not paying for exclusivity"; and we all know Sony does not lie... but.. if microsoft would not pay for exclusive games... and the xbox 360 would have the lowest software attach rate and sell less games due to installbase... yes... Bioshock would make more money by going multiplatform... duhhh!

With the fact that this developer have a requirement of selling "million copies on the first day "... for a game franchise that never sold that much copies in 1 day even on the PS2 with over 100 Million console installbase... he is in no possition to demand or require people to do $h!t... Look at how many copies Encharted (0.13m) sold in 1 week and is the best PS3 game that have a wider apeal...

The best PS3 selling game (resistance) sometime even bundled sold 1.94m copies... since it's released many moons ago... and they expect this game which was never the most apeal game in the market to sell 1 mil in 1 day?

now, if the game would relesed on the xbox 360 which is a capable of selling games ... you might (maybe) get your 1 mil copies sold in 1 day wish....

1 Halo 3 5.99m
2 Gears Of War 4.81m
3 Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 2.20m
4 Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 6.69 2.05m
5 Call of Duty 2 1.99m
6 Tom Clancy Rainbow Six: Vegas 1.98m
7 Call of Duty 3 1.90m
8 Forza Motorsport 2 1.83m
9 Madden NFL 07 1.76m
10 Guitar Hero II 1.70m
11 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 1.60m


hell... if COD 4 which was released almost 1 month ago.. sold only 0.79m on the PS3 and 1.60m on the xbox 360... balls that MGS4 will sell 1 mil in one day... I'm a super MGS fan and I will buy a PS3 when the game is released... but I'm not going to pretend that this game is mainstream... If a game like COD 4 can't push 1 mil copies this game never will...

The only way Metal Gear could possibly sell 1 mil copies is if they were first party for Microsoft... (wait don't shoot me yet)... no other company puts so much money into marketting... only reason... Gears, and Halo sell the way they do because if there is one thing microsoft does well is marketting.. and putting lots of money into it... if this game would exclusive to the xbox 360... microsoft would be printing ads ni your grand mom's underwear....
Marketting is how microsoft is able to push their exclusive games... and it's why games like Halo, Gears, Mass Effect, Bioshock, etc are able to sell they way they do.. regardless of how good these games are... ads in MTV and huge events in times square is what sells games... something that no 3rd party non exclusive IP gets... trust me.. Konami is not going to spend the money microsoft spents advertising 1st party games... 3rd party game developers make game to make profits on the game... 1st party games are made primarity to move and promote consoles just to increase installbase and then milk from 3rd party games...

lessthanmarcus3947d ago

I already saw a video of the developers talking about how the sound is uncompressed, and how this game couldn't fit on a DVD

PS3PCFTW3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

mgs 3 sold 4 million on ps2 last time i checked.

Konami doesnt need 360 fanbase....mgs3 did not sell well on xbox1.

PS fanbase has always supported mgs series and always will support the ONLY tactical espionage simulator that matters today.

I dont understan y u xfans are always clamoring for ps3 say you have the better console with all the games, but day in and day out you guys troll the ps3 section. Your childish acts do not back up your claims. your xrod and lack of great exclusive software ALSO does not back up your claims.

Its games like these that drive the PLAYSTATION brand to success in each generation. SAME GAMES THAT THE 360 LACKS. SAID GAMES THAT HAVE WORLDWIDE ACCLAIM.....not just usa. it seems usa statistics are giving 360 fans false hope, just like it did for hddvd.

SO NO. mgs4 will not go to 360.

PS3 is a runaway train NOW. GET on and play beyond the limitations you currently face.



k we can twist things all day long. HERE I GO.

xbox has what 6 exclusive titles? 5 of which are on pc ALREADY.
DO you see ps3 fans going into mass effects threads and saying"OHHH its coming to ps3, u wait and see"?

Do you? do u see me in every 360 thread arguing why your "exclusive" games are comint to ps3 when devs say they arent?

If i was doing the avbove, Id understand why xfans do this DAY in day out.

Truth of the matter is PS3 doesnt need your xbox games. ps3 fans dont want em. PERIOD.

NO, which is why were here.

You want ps3 games? BUY A PS3. simply put, your xbox CANNOT RUN THESE GAMES due to FILE SIZE AND HARDWARE LIMITATIONS.

bill gates lied to you AND hddvd lied to u. Im sorry for that.

NOW you can get on the ps3 ride, or miss the ride of your life.


ravinash3947d ago

And you know that people are willing to get a PS3 so they can play it...then why not.
MS have done this with Halo, Bioshock and Mass Effect.
the only reason I got a 360 was so i could play Bioshock...and now i'm playing mass effect.
So I am completely mystified why the 360 people when they go on and on about their exclusives suddenly go up in arms when PS3 does the same thing.
The producer had just laid it out for you...You want to buy it...then buy a PS3....and then you can enjoy the best from both worlds! Its that simple.

karlostomy3947d ago

ok first of all... i don't mean to flame, but....

you mentioned that mgs3 on ps3 sold 4 million.
That is an astounding number of sales!

.. or is it?

Didnt the ps2 sell 120 million skus? So 4million of mgs3 represents an attach rate for MGS3 on PS2 of 3.3%.
In other words, only 3.3% of ps2 owners were interested enough to buy this game. Do you understand this?

Now fast forward a little. To MGS4 and PS3.
Lets assume the PS3 has sold 9 million units (my optimistic estimate)by the time MGS4 releases.
If MGS4 sells at the same attach rate (3.3%) on the PS3 then MGS4 will logically sell *ONLY* 300,000 units overall.

It's true
Do the maths yourself.

If they want to sell 4 million units of MGS 4 then the attach rate needs to be close to *50%*
I find this hard to imagine happening.

Perhaps the developers will change their minds about multi-plat release when sales aren't putting bread on the table.

MikeGdaGod3947d ago

i almost feel sorry for them :(


you guys can argue about how much COULD be made all day. the fact is, it's a PS3 exclusive.


now go cry in a corner and masterbate yourself to sleep.

witchking3947d ago

PS3 fans could be saying the same thing about Bioshock and Mass Effect and Halo 3.

MGS 4 is going to be on PS3 only. If you want to play it, go get a PS3. In fact, while you're at it, pick up R&C, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk... etc etc etc.

One can argue that the PS3 doesn't have a "must have" title... and one can argue that MGS4 really isn't a must have title... but you can't argue that if you're a gamer who wants to play good games, you'll play them ON WHATEVER CONSOLE THEY'RE AVAILABLE ON.

Have you noticed these new-fangled TVs they have now? There's actually room to plug in MORE THAN ONE CONSOLE. Don't be a fanboy of a console... if you're gonna be a fanboy, be a fanboy OF GAMES. We have enough problems with all the political hooligans running around wanting to censor what we play to have to listen to all this nonsense among ourselves.

Mr_Kuwabara3947d ago

" sad... a host of sorrows, and xbox users are one of them" - The Sorrow

Polluted3947d ago

@karlostomy: That's flawed logic. PS2 had literally thousands of games out by the time MGS: 3 hit the market. How many PS3 owners have Resistance I wonder? or rather, what percentage of PS3 owners have Resistance? We know it sold over a million copies. We know that there are only a few million PS3's in the world right now. So around 15% of PS3 owners must have that game. Attach rates for individual games will be really high on the PS3 until it's been out for a few years and there's a bigger library.

karlostomy3947d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

actually, the logic is quite sound.

By the time MGS4 is released, ps3 will have quite a substantial library of games, thereby putting it into a similar position as ps2 at the time of mgs3.

And please, lets compare apples to apples. MGS3 and MGS4. Why bring Resistance into it? It was the only launch title worth having... of course its sales will be good...

But just to humour you, lets use the inflated 15% you mentioned. At 9 mill ps3 sold 15% is... 1,350,000. None too shabby, but nowhere near 4 mill. Will they do that on day one? hmmm nuh-uh!

Didn't R&C also display the sales characteristics i mentioned? And that is a great game right?

i agree that comparing ps3 prospective sales and ps2 actual sales is speculative at best, but there is a certain type of gamer that plays MGS games. It is not unreasonable to presume some loyalty amongst
PS2-->PS3 users and furthermore loyalty from MGS3-->MGS4.

This principle is at work in the halo3 sales, which you described yourself. Eg. I liked halo1,2 on xbox1. Hence I am going to get halo3 on 360. What is different in applying that logic to gamers who like MGS3?

Polluted3947d ago

If we're comparing MGS3 to MGS4, why bring R&C into it?

Anyway, the games library on the PS3 by the time MGS4 hits will still be way, way, way smaller than the PS2 had at the time of MGS3's release. I'm not trying to say it will definitely sell 4 million copies or that it will sell 1 million on the first day. My point is that it doesn't make sense to estimate sales potential for a new game on the PS3 by looking at the attach rate of an old game on the PS2. A lot has changed in the gaming industry since MGS3 came out. Look at the sales of Halo 3. Who knew a video game, any video game, would ever achieve those kinds of numbers?

Bubble Buddy3947d ago

some 360 fans don't even know anythnig bout MGS, jsut want to have the game on their console. also devil may cry hasn't been on xbox before, how are the xbox ppl gonna understand the story...

giovonni3946d ago

1.21 you do understand that fans of the xbox, and xbox360 were also Sony PS1 and PS2 fans. So, not every "xbot" came out the gate a MS fan.

joydestroy3946d ago

i agree with Loudninja and Topshelfcheese...

they will easily make profit just by releasing it on PS3 and the devs know that.

just get both consoles if you don't wanna miss out because both are going to continue to get some good exclusives.

wind_dragon3946d ago

ok, first off i dn't care if devs can make twice as much money going multiplat, it ain't a viable source to produce more income if u can't put the f***ing game on the disc. and secondly, the publisher does the advertising not the dev. Publishers produce all the marketing material u see everywhere, whether it be @ gamestop, on a bill board, or in ur living room. The only thing devs do is provide source material, i.e. game . thats it. end of story. =l

brianpk803946d ago

It's always great when companies try to tell consumers what to do. "You want a PS3? Work more hours!" (we all remember that, right?)

"Want MSG4? Buy a Playstation!!!"

It's really arrogant. It leaves a sour taste in the consumer's mouth. No one likes being told what to do. This Kojima guy is getting pretty arrogant too and rigid in his vision. Daikatana effect?

The reason it makes more sense to predict PS3 exclusives jumping ship is because right now 360 has a quadruply large install base and attach rate. Also, Microsoft pays 3rd party developers to stay exclusive to 360. They probably get more money from M$ than they would from Playstation sales. Microsoft is where the money's at. Publishers/developers stand to gain a lot from bringing their goods to 360. Market realities and developer trends make it increasingly likely that PS3 exclusives jump ship for 360.

Also, all the talk about 2008 being PS3's year seems to overlook the fact that GTA4 is going to be a much greater boon to Xbox than Playstation. Why would anyone want the version on the more expensive system that lacks exclusive content? People love GTA. They're going to want more of it, ie, extra content. Imagine your average gamer going to Best Buy/Gamestop in April 2008 ready to board the next generation spurred by interest in GTA. Hmm, we can buy 360 with extra content, better online, LOWER PRICE, Bioshock, Halo 3, better EA sports games, Mass Effect, Gears, and exclusive GTA4 content, or we can pay more for the PS3 which has Uncharted ("What's the heck is that?, I never heard of it."), Ratchet ("Is this a Disney game?"), Resistance, and the watered down GTA4 that has no extra content. C'mon, people, let's be realistic. You really think most gamers are going to say "oh but Kojima told me to by this system. And one day in the distant future, Final Fantasy 13 will be on this sytem.... I think? I must own it." Def not. More likely, it'll be a case of "Kojima who?"

Kojima needs to lose the attitude.

MANTIIS3946d ago

I'll say it again, 360 can have PS3's SLOPPY SECONDS.....long after the game has propelled PS3 within a kick of 360's @ss.

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TheMART3947d ago

How is that possible with 6 mln. units out there now and maybe... 8 to 10 mln. when MGS4 launches?

In the past, with 100 mln. PS2's out there how many did MGS3 sold in total? 4 mln. maybe?

Violater3947d ago

but its war time now Mart.
And we all know how a certain country loves shooting them some terrorists.

Lex Luthor3947d ago

You do realise MGS3 only sold 3.96 mln worldwide with an install base of over 100mln.

aiphanes3947d ago

But MGS4 will sale ove 4 million....There will be over 12 million PS3 sold buy the time MGS4 comes out and they is a faster track than the Xbox 360 did...People will buy a PS3 just to play MGS4...

MGS4 is trully next gen unlike Halo 3...

Kleptic3947d ago

^^^ and you do realize that MGS3 was the weakest selling title in the series...

thats irrelevent though...the real issue is looking at statistics of how many people bought a ps2 to play MGS2...and how that will translate to people buying a PS3 to play MGS4...

marinelife93947d ago

Gears sold 4 million and it came out when the 360 user base was around 6 million as well.

mesh13947d ago

HAHAHAHAH what has the world come to when konami are begging ppl to buy the ps3 1st with questionnaire now this the ps3 must be in big trouble or konami are scared as ive never seen 3rd party game devs act like 1st party devs they seem VERY VERY DESPERATE

CrazzyMan3947d ago

They are NOT desperate, THEY STATE, that if YOU WANT to PLAY MGS4, buy PS3.
Otherwise, YOU WILL NOT be able to play MGS4. =)

p.s. 1 year old PS3 already OUTSELLING 2 years old x360 3rd week in row. Have FUN. ;)

Saint Sony3946d ago

outsells 360?.. It's Wii you dumpfish.

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Real gamer 4 life3947d ago

No, 'Metal Gear Solid 4' isn't the killer app," said Adam Sessler, a video game critic on the G4 network. "People who already own a PS3 will likely get it. But it doesn't have that kind of broad-based appeal."

You have to be stupid if you think that metal gear solid is not a system seller. It might not put up numbers like halo, however the hype that this game is getting is very big,i think it will put up impressive numbers. If the game is not a system seller why is there countless rumors of it being multiplatform and half the xbox xommunity wants this game.

mazirjones3947d ago

maybe they are realizing their mistake

actas1233947d ago

I tell you what a killer app is: God of War 3. That is the real deal. However, I think metal geat solid will sell around .5 million its first few days, but will sell more afterwards as PS3 is gaining

Danja3947d ago

Adam Sessler has always stated that he's not really a fan of MGS no surprise there..

and evryone keeps syaing MGS:3 sold bad..uhh no considerng that alot of ppl..modded there that affected sales alot..for many games..

jjfunaz3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

I agree with adam from G4. MGS is not mainstream in the way lets say Mario is. They are great games, but often very confusing for new comers and very complex. That kind of game will never have the mass market appeal of the more casual pick up and play games.

There are some very devout fans of the MGS franchise and I'm sure some people are waiting for MGS to get a ps3, but it is definately not as big of a system seller as people anticipate.


To say that mgs3 didn't sell 10million copies because of pirating is way off based. The fact of the matter is those games just do not appeal to mass market. Although I suspect that mgs4 will have a much bigger marketing strategy and will help boost sales.

Like people have stated already before mgs3 which was the best in the series sold less then every other mgs before it. And mgs2 sold less then mgs did. This was with a huge install base. MGS4 will probably sell very well due to the amazing graphcis and probably with a big makreting campaign but don't expect record breaking sales.

Danja3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

I didn't say because of piracy MGS3 didn't sell 10x copies...

but if ur gonna say that moded PS2's didn't affect sales of games.when ppl could easily burn a game unto another DVDis just kinda stupid..I have alot friends..and know alot of ppl..who have over 50 PS2 games and they're all pirated games...and im not expecting record sane PS3 owner is...but if Son market the hell out of this it did with the original for the PS1..we could have a huge seller....

aba3946d ago

Good games, but they DO NOT sell systems.

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Relcom3947d ago

Nope. So shut up Xbots

xbox Forever3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Nope. So shut up Fony Fanboys

sonarus3947d ago

no 1 screams about haze coming to 360, no 1 screams about final fantasy coming to 360 at least not as much as you all scream about mgs4 coming to 360. MGS4 will be the highest selling ps3 game when it hits. Lots of true gamers will buy ps3's jst because of it. Remember the ign impressions YOU WILL BUY MGS4. All it needs is a strong marketting push, midnight launch worldwide if possible, the media needs to carry it and mgs4 will be on track to sell a million day one.
MGS ranks as one of the greatest games of all time fanboyism aside we all knw EVERYONE wants to play it. MGS4 should easily sell over 2 mill in its 1st WEEK. 300,000-400,000 in JP, 400,000-700,000 in UK and 500,000-800,000 In NA. Cnt really say for 1st day sales though

The Wood3947d ago

like what i see on this very same page. Its simple. When you thought it was coming MOST 360 fans wanted it and since you've been told, for the umpteenth time, that its not possible you don't want it any more. Some on the other hand like mart and bladestar are still in Egypt. If the 360 has all the games then why the pining huh.

Bilzac3947d ago

Knowing that this game makes the top 5 most wanted games in Famitsu should sell atleast a million first day (Worldwide if not Japan only)

jjfunaz3947d ago

1 million in the first day in japan alone? Pokemon doesn't even sell amillion in the first day in japan. 1 million in the first day is a hard thing to acomplish, we'll see though I expect good things from this game

Gondee3946d ago

Yea, if pokemon cant do it. then i highly dought MSG4 can do it.

Think about it, theres plenty more DS's then there is PS3 even if there were to be 3 million in japan alone.
30% attach rate would be breat, but i dought there going to be able to do it. Im guessing timed exclusive. but who knows.

Just my 2 cents

wind_dragon3946d ago

SICK?! WTF! Poke`mon diamond/pearl sold damn near 1.6 million copies on launch day in Japan and 1.4 on its launch in NA! if pokemon can't do it my @$$.