Call of Duty: MW3 Drives Millions to PlayStation Network, says Sony

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 posted huge numbers of Xbox Live on launch day, with 7 million multiplayer hours logged by the end of launch day, 3.3 million unique players and a new record for concurrent Xbox Live users, but Sony was sure to point out today that Activision's blockbuster also saw plenty of action on the PlayStation Network.

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Majin-vegeta2319d ago

You would think after the crap they pulled on ps3 players with Black oops and now mw3 they would have learned guess not.All i can do is SMH in disappointment.

GraveLord2318d ago

You're in the minority.
Never had any serious problems with Black OPs or MW3. Had both since Day 1.

Majin-vegeta2318d ago

Yes im in the minority that didn't go out and buy a $60 expansion pack guess im smarter than most people who play nowadays.

AdmiralSnake2318d ago

Vegeta shut up.

They bought it because they enjoy the damn game, you're not smarter than anybody, just because you choose not to buy a game you don't enjoy, all I can do is SMH at your dumb post.

donniebaseball2319d ago

Let's see... if 6.5 million were sold on first day and XBL had 3.3 million unique users, that leaves potentially 3.2 million. A lot of people probably bought it and didn't go onto PSN though. I'm going to take a rough guess and say about 2 million were on PSN with it.

Crazyglues2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

nah more then that, it's highly unlikely that you are not on PSN...

so I would say if PS3 got 3.2 million sales 2.9 million went online... even if it was to just try it out, and then hop back to campaign..

especial on PS3 because it does not cost anything yearly to go online


StanLee2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

The number of unique users isn't equal to the number of copies sold. Multiple users play on the same console using the same disc. For example, my 3 brothers share a console, they all play Call of Duty but they only bought 1 game.

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