Morrowind was Good, so was Oblivion, how does Skyrim measure up?

TecStories: If you loved the previous games you're probably going to love this one. But is it as good, and how does it compare to the other 2?

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DudeJets2374d ago

Morrowind = awesome
Oblivion = Massive let down
Skyrim = pretty awesome

RufustheKing2374d ago

agreed about Morrowind
Oblivion still a good game, never got to try out all the DLC(PS3) will do someday
Skyrim so far is great but i would really judge it on the DLC as well. I wouldn't mind bethseda releaseing small DLC as well like new clothes, magic, weapons and new guild missions and quests. i wouldn't mind have werewolf and vampire quest lines instead of just the cure quest line.

Tony P2374d ago

Skyrim isn't as big a jump from Oblivion as Oblivion was from Morrowind and Morrowind was from Daggerfall.

To me, it's Oblivion with some good mod-inspired tweaks and probably the game Oblivion itself could have been.

As it stands, Morrowind is still my favorite. It just has more "go anywhere, do anything" than all the TES games that followed.

Bigpappy2373d ago

The only thing Oblivion had as a "jump " over Morrowind,was Graphics. Oblivion was actually watered down and repetative. Syrim feels like Morrowing with a few feature borrowed from Oblivion and a completely revamped interface and menu system.

At this point, I still haven't decided if Skyrim replaces Morrowind as the best game I have ever played in my over 20 years of gaming.

slayorofgods2374d ago

I get why people like Morrowind better. But Oblivion is not a massive let down. Bethesda simply doesn't make bad rpg's. Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3, New Vegas.. Every last one is a very good game.

kcuthbertson2373d ago

New Vegas wasn't made by Bethesda.

Trainz2373d ago

'Oblivion = Massive let down'

I have played hundreds of games and oblivion is still my favourite.

PrimordialSoupBase2373d ago

yep. Oblivion is a bunch of randomly generated, generic forests with essentially the same town copy and pasted close to a dozen times. None of the artistry or soul of Morrowind. Not nearly the same depth to its rpg systems. Skyrim looks much more to Morrowind than it does Oblivion and it's leagues better because of it.

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chretienm2374d ago

This article was horrible.

VampiricDragon2374d ago

Morrowind was great

Oblivion was really really bad

Braid2374d ago

I'd say Morrowind was the best.

It was exclusively developed for the PC platform and using the resources at its maximum, the game was literally jaw-dropping to look at and quite easy to control when compared to other RPGs of its time. I'm sorry to say but I feel like Skyrim would be much better if it was exclusively developed for PC just like Morrowind.

Zoron0072374d ago

Morrowind wasnt exclusive to pc, it was also on xbox.

I'd have to say Morrowind was the best. I loved Oblivion, but Skyrim is much better

Tony P2374d ago

I think "exclusively developed" means developed with the PC as the lead platform.

Yes, it was ported, but it was not made with the Xbox as the lead platform as today's TES games seem to be.

pctrollv42374d ago

Oblivion was so bad i could not even play it more than 10 hrs. I gave it a a shot later on, and it was still horrible. Those animations were so fugly. I fucking love skyrim and i play it all on third person. This, dragon age origins and witcher 2 are the best this gen

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