3DS & Kinect most wanted gaming gifts for U.S. kids 6-12

Many kids will also ask for gaming devices this year, with two products that offer unique gaming technologies – Nintendo 3DS (25%) and Kinect for Xbox 360 (23%) – leading the way. Given the 3DS’ spring 2011 release date and the surge in Kinect interest versus last year (up from 14%), parents can expect both devices to be frequently requested this holiday season. Beyond these, older Nintendo DS models continue to resonate with young gamers (22%), while the PlayStation 3 (17%) and Xbox 360 (16%) edge out the Nintendo Wii (11%) as the most desired gaming consoles.

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gypsygib2311d ago Show
Skip_Bayless2311d ago

Puzzles me that the iPad is actually that much wanted. To me the device is already obsolete.

Lots of Kids have atleast one gaming system already so PS3 and 360 are lower on the list. The Kinect seems fun.

3DS.. yea I agree the kids are stupid.

Shackdaddy8362311d ago

I'm having a ton of fun with my 3DS and my new super mario game. You saying that I'm stupid?

Optical_Matrix2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

Why are kids stupid for wanting the 3DS. U mad? Has some great games released and upcoming over the next 6 months. But I guess people must be stupid for wanting good games XD Sucks for you then really. I mean you must be pretty damn stupid to think others are stupid for wanting to play great games.

mcstorm2311d ago

3DS will be the best selling console this Christmas and I think it should. Its going to have a good list of games it is an amazing console. Yes its not got the power of the PSV but yet again its not about power its about how games play not on power of the console.

I expect 360 wii and PS3 to have a strong Christmas as this gen has gone back to the snes and Mega Drive times in terms of sales are good for all 3 consoles.