220° to Take on Steam and Origin

Since launching the Good Old Games website it 2008, Polish company CD Projekt has constantly championed the, slightly older, classic game.

This year they reached a hugely impressive milestone when the website recorded it's 6 millionth unique game download and yet, the service is set to grow even larger next year to take on the likes of Valve's Steam service and EA's Origin.

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NYC_Gamer2377d ago

long as they keep releasing their games on other digital services like steam

SystemLink_Simon2377d ago

I think they'd be stupid not to really. With how many people use Steam, they would lose a LOT of money if they just used GOG.

kevnb2377d ago

Interesting, the no drm thing might have to change. At the same time, if the "great firewall of USA" comes into play, things might change almost overnight.

Blacktric2377d ago

DRM has nothing to do with the stuff they're trying to do with "great firewall of USA". That's just for piracy related stuff and granted, it's going to put major pressure to most of the stuff out there but DRM is not one of them since developers and publishers agrees to add or not add DRM before GOG releases the games.

kevnb2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

If theres no piracy, why would we need any annoying drm? And if gog doesn't want to use drm(they don't on anything right now) having no piracy would help their cause... pretty obvious isnt it?

Pikajew2377d ago

I like GOG because it has classic games that Steam doesn't have and I love Steam because they have a great service