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Daz2435d ago

Great video. carnt wait.

Venjense2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

I love how the enemies react realistically to being shot. So many games don't do that and make enemies take 3-4 shots with no reaction, it's like the enemy is is invincible until the final shot, then they react - that always takes me out of the experience.

RDR had great gunplay reactions so I'm very excited.

gypsygib2435d ago

That shotgun was so cool.

Real bullets + Real reactions + Quality animations = great gunplay which is lacking in so many games.

Day 1.

BaN590DeR2435d ago

i hope there will be multiplayer .

Convas2435d ago

Wow, Rockstar's doing an amazing job with this game. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Anybody else already saving up for next year's games? March is already packed with Mass Effect 3, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, and Max Payne 3 as is February with Asura's Wrath, Binary Domain, and more.

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