Starcraft 2 Novel On Sale

The official Starcraft 2 novel trilogy by Christie Golden is based four years after the events that transpired in the Starcraft: Brood War expansion pack. The ramifications of the novel's plot will influence deeply the Starcraft 2 single player storyline.

The second book in the trilogy is now available on bookstores.

Jake Ramsey, the archeologist, has been imbued with the spirit of a Protoss high templar preserver. A human now containing all the memories of every protoss who ever existed. In his quest to alert the protoss of the looming threat to the universe, he arrives to the zerg infested world Aiur. Ulrezaj the dark archon makes a special appearance in the novel, making the classic story in the Starcraft: Enslavers map campaign officially canon. Read the novel to find out the following: How will Ulrezaj's actions alter the course of history in the Koprulu sector? And ... is Ulrezaj responsible for the return of the Xel'Naga?

Read the interview with the novel author; and the description and excerpts of book one and two.

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