PS3 5th Anniversary: The Five Best Moments in PS3 History

PS Uni writes: "When the 60 GB launch model PS3 I bought off of a friend on a car forum arrived Christmas Eve 2006, I was visibly excited. But when I hooked it up to the HDTV I bought the month before to play Resistance: Fall of Man and the included Talladega Nights Blu-Ray, I knew that the next generation of consoles had truly begun.
That’s a personal memory, though. Let’s recap the ones that we all shared, together and in chronological order, just because we can."

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Angerfist2435d ago

Honestly i think 1 of the Top 5 Moments was the Release of MGS4, that Game showed what PS3 was capable off and most likely led many people to getting a PS3. I also think that Netflix isnt a Top 5 PS3 Moment, its on all other Platforms too and its US only.

DonaldBeck2435d ago

i think it was...


when i was hanging from a train that was going to defreakinrailed off a mountain and i realised i could actually play this! aka uncharted 2

riksweeney2435d ago

I future, name the game before you describe the spoiler:

When the psychologist who has been helping the kid who can see ghosts realised that he was a ghost himself. aka The Sixth Sense.

DonaldBeck2435d ago

you spoilt the sixth sense for me

<----makes this face