Will Ultra HD kill off today's high-def?

Japanese HD tech promises 4x 1080p resolutions. writes:

"OK, so you've bought a new plasma or LCD, it's cost you an arm and a leg, and you're waiting for Channel 4's hi-def transmissions to boost your viewing pleasure.

So far so good. But also be aware that there are some serious developments taking place in R&D labs around the world, all designed to make your new TV set obsolete.

Here comes Ultra HD
Those clever folk at Japan's public broadcaster NHK are leading the charge for 'Ultra HD'. This is a spectacular 4,000-line system (compared with HD's 720 or 1080 lines)."

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Zhuk3917d ago

I wish they would just stop at 1080p for about 15 years, it is annoying that they keep on trying to ram new platforms and standard down our throats every few years now, I mean I want to get another 10 years out of my DVDs at least!

ironwolf3917d ago

The R&D people can't help it if you "early adopters" are a couple of decades behind the curve.

mighty_douche3917d ago

im sure some think HD is some form of new found magic, so new super advanced tech. Asia have HDtv's for years its just that we all run behind them.

personally i praise them for not sitting on their hands for the next 5 years, the sooner the tech is established the sooner it reaches reasonable prices.

Zhuk3917d ago

I am aware that such technologies have been in development for decades, I would actually just like to not have to update thousands of dollars worth of equipment every 6 or so years because electronics companies come out with something even better.

I remember when I was younger that our colour TV was from the late 70s and our VCR from the 80s lasted well into the late 90s before we replaced them. And these were the commercial standard for a decent period of time before DVD and HDTV's came out.

I really think that as a consumer society we are losing lasting value in the products we buy, which are intentionally made obscelescent by the latest and greatest so we keep on forking out money.

mighty_douche3917d ago

much better comments when your beloved 360 isnt involved huh.

anyway, yeah i agree, you want value for money and longevity out of your purchases, but this is something i wouldnt worry about, the world is still getting its head around current HD and yet most sources of media dont even us them, games/TV etc, only HD dvd's actually reach the top res of 1080p consistantly.

it'll be at least 10 years before you'll be thinking about buying one of these, if then. start putting a few $'s a way now mate.

ravinash3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

It'll be another 25 years before you see a product on the shop floor.
How many HDTVs do you think you would have gone through in that time...about 2 or 3.

@ mighty_douche - I agree...Zhuk sounds far better when he isn't dealing out the sales blogs. Here he sounds like someone you can have a conversation with rather than 360 bible bashing.

mighty_douche3917d ago

im on my third one! this year :)

ravinash3917d ago

What have you been doing to your TVs?
You haven't been losing it and throwing your game controller at the TV have you?
There have been instances while play where I felt like doing that.

mighty_douche3917d ago

first was samsung 32" which over time became "to small", next was a LG 40" which was a great tele, which i sold to a friend and now i have a Bravia, which is also great.

im toying with buying another after christmas in the sales, but ill have to sell mine first!

im a bit of a tech head : )

ELite_Ghost3917d ago

can't the human eye only see up to 2500p or something?

mighty_douche3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

i believe the human eye sees at something stupid like 256mega pixels, so the simple answer would be no.

EDIT: 576 megapixels of available image data!! heres a link, its a little complicated though

Evil0Angel3917d ago

1)coast.people still strguling with the price of 720P.and at the moment there is far more 720P display han there is 1080P.

2)sources(input):HD-DVD/BR player: can only preform 1080P.HD-DVD/BR disc allready filled with movies @[email protected] resolution will reguire higher storge.AND people are not ready to get new format which can deliver this technology.
TV CHANELLES: only deliverd at 1080i NOT 1080p becuase of bandwith problem.

so 1080p will be the highest standard for 3-4 yaers to come.

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Multigamer3917d ago

wow, ull be able see every little dimple, haha

predator3917d ago

incrediable, but how much lol

Salvadore3917d ago

If a HDTV cost an arm and a leg, how much will this so called "uber" HD cost?

predator3917d ago

ur lungs, legs, kidneys, brain and prob ur balls to

socomnick3917d ago

but I need all 3 of my balls :(

v1c1ous3917d ago

houses will cost less than the introductory ultra HD set.

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