Race Driver is changing names to Race Driver: GRID + New Screenshots

Codemasters announced that the new title in their racing franchise Race Driver (earlier known as Race Driver One) is changing names to Race Driver: GRID. This is the second time after Colin McRae DiRT that the UK based publisher decides to change a title of one of their franchises. Codemasters also released a couple of new screenshots of GRID.

Race Driver: GRID is due to release half 2008 and is scheduled for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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creeping judas3951d ago

its as good as Toca 3 was. IMO Toca 3 was the best racing sim game out there!!! Back in the day.

Fluffy2Duffy3951d ago

I agree with u guys!! its so addictive and fun, i've played all the Toca race driver's games and cant wait to get the new one, wil be awsome for multiplayer mode??Hope it wil be better than NFS Prostreet....

Blood_Spiller3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

I wouldn't really call TOCA 3 a racing sim (it's far to easy), it was more of an arcade racing simulation. To see an example of a full fledged racing sim check out rFactor or Live for Speed.

creeping judas3951d ago

As good of a sim as this is, its only available on the PC. The only thing Toca3 lacked for making it a sim racer, was the inabilty to upgrade parts,etc... Also when it came out it was a bargain priced.

My Fave console racers

Forza1 and 2

Fluffy2Duffy3951d ago

Oh wel! There wil be another battle of 2 Racing Games! Race driver VS Gran Turismo 5!!! Which wil be better, calling both games the racing simulation?

aaron58293950d ago

Glad to see they are using PS3 version for the pics. :)