Sony launches PlayStation social network, giving away three Vitas

This new site is called "Play.Community" and there you will be able to make new friends, find companions for gaming and create your own page to show off your games collection.

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xtheownerzx2467d ago

well ill be the first to say that i hope this comes to North America

Misterhbk2467d ago

Pretty sweet. Sony is really pushing the social aspects of the Vita! Hopefully this comes to the states as well.

BiggCMan2467d ago

Yea the Vita is looking very promising. It basically does everything a smartphone can do, except call people, it's the same price as higher end smartphones, and you get console quality games on it. I see no reason for this thing to do poorly. If people have money to buy iPhones and Droids every year, they can get this.

egidem2467d ago

Free...Vitas? Did I read that right?? Let's hope this does comes to North America!

Etseix2467d ago

HOME harder hahahaha (H) funny stuff

M4I0N32467d ago

rofl "home harder" sounds like those erotic movies

gypsygib2467d ago

I hope it's not like half-assed like some of Sony's other initiatives (Home, Move, Web browser).

Sony has a lot of great idea's but doesn't really focus that hard on them, nor completely gives up on them either but it would be better just to take one thing really seriously until it's a success then move on.

smashcrashbash2467d ago

I am sorry, Home is [email protected]$$ed as compared to what now?