Zelda Williams's best games character isn't Zelda

Zelda Williams reveals her favourite games characters in an interview with ONM. Princess Zelda doesn't get a mention.

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Rashonality2346d ago

she has her dad's nose ^^

Kakihara2346d ago

I find this girl absolutely lovely and delightful. She just seems very down to Earth and cool, which might be odd to say under her 500th 'Nintendo paid me to talk to you as if they didn't pay me' video but I stand by it. I have a bit of a crush I admit it. It may sound sad and pathetic but considering the last crush of this type I had was on Alyx Vance I think this is a step up. At least this girl's real, or as close to real as an actor's daughter can get.

Sugreev20012346d ago

She's really cute.Samus is my favorite Nintendo character too (probably the only one actually).

ChickeyCantor2346d ago

What she said at the end kinda cracked me up.

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