European Live Video Marketplace – Definitely Out In December

Spong reports:

"News today for fans of (legally) downloading top TV shows and movies is that Microsoft's European LIVE Video Marketplace is launching in the UK, Ireland, France and Germany in December; meeting the end of the year deadline Microsoft promised us earlier this year.

We, like you, want the exact date - so we contacted Microsoft to be told, "We have not made any announcements on the international launch of Video Store over and above what we said at E3. We are still committed to launching the service internationally this year, so please stay tuned for further announcements."

We certainly will."

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Andronix3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

I'm really looking forward to downloading movies. The convenience of being able to 'rent' a movie at whatever time you want is gonna be great. I jsut hope they include localised content because I dont fancy paying 800 microsoft points for an episode of 'Everyone Loves Raymond.'

DEIx15x83914d ago

Is that picture for the European Marketplace only or are all regions getting that update as part of the fall update? It shows a podcast part. I hope that means that we can add any podcast we want and not just a list of official corporate podcasts that wanted on. It may mean that a web browser is getting close since a podcast would finally mean their leaving xbox live and going on the real internet.

Evil0Angel3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

i am really really happy(especially becuase i am stoned when i heard this news)
XBL marcktplace: movies rent,download shows like : south park, daily show , shapple show

soon sony will also lunch the TV tuner(thingy) for coast off than you will be able to recored tv shows like(frinds,simpsons,scrub, match of the day, top gears) or just watch anything

one less device in the living room


Lord Cheese3914d ago

Wonder what they'll be able to show on there. The reason for the delays has been something to do with local licensing agreements with their film/tv distributors so hopefully they got those ironed out.

k1ngd4n3914d ago

anyone no if tv shows will b free? like friends and such cus wots the point in paying when you can turn on e4 n watch them for free. i understand paying for movies but surely not tv shows.

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