100 Hours in Skyrim: Part 1

Hours 0 to 10: Character creation, conquering our first dragon and attracting the attention of the Dark Brotherhood...

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PshycoNinja2463d ago

That's a lot of hours. Speaking of where is my roomate. He told me he was picking up skyrim last Friday and have not seen him since..... should I be worried?

BTW, FF Versus XIII:

SP3333D-O2462d ago

I'm only 39 hours in, and I am loving every minute. Best game I have ever played, and I've been gaming for decades! I wasn't even an E.S. fan before Skyrim (played Oblivion but didn't like it much at all).

Dunpeal2462d ago

same, except I don't know if I can say all time, but it certainly feels that way. It brings me back to the way I felt playing Mario and Zelda 64.