Closer look at disc read problems for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3

According to multiple reports this week, there have been numerous disc read errors reported by Xbox 360 users trying to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Since the release of the game last week, many users have visited the website forum in an effort to figure out the issues surrounding the widely popular video game. A thread on the topic stretches 14 pages from a number of different users who have been unable to load the game or experienced a “unable to read from disk” message.

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websod2380d ago

I personally own more then one xbox one for my own bedroom and living room. My own bedroom has a xbox 360 stand alone console that on day of release i got the game never even touched the disc put it in and was giving disc errors. closer look at the disc it has a weird water mark type thing on it that you can BARELY see. but the thing is i got 2 cod mw3 and both have that and both do not work on 1 console while both work on the other console.

tell you what i was mad as hell and it almost seems like wii and xbox 360 makers are trying to cover up the problem

dazzalfc2380d ago

I had a problem last night with MW3.

Started the game on my 360, the screen went black and just stayed black. When i tried to return to the Dashboard, the whole thing froze and had to turn the 360 off.

Started again, loaded MW3 and same thing happened. This time, i signed out of XBL and suddenly the game started to kick in and loaded up properly.

Those who encounter this problem, might be worth signing out of Live before trying to start the game up

kreate2380d ago

I was gonna pick up the 360 version for a change just to play with some xbox gamers I recently got aquainted with.

I should pick one up asap and see whats happens to me.

anyone know if certain xbox models have this problem?
also would a retailer refund the money if I show proof that it doesnt work on my xbox, if it doesnt?

websod2380d ago

the problem is really small the issue is they sold some 5million copies and even 1% of 5million is a lot of bad games.
The problem looks to be a more in depth problem then just a bad disc or broken console. this problem may only occur when a few things line up such as the console the disc the xbox 360 disc reader and online. all reports i have looked it makes it seem like the disc it self is not 100% the problem nor is the console 100% the problem. this is a problem not many are having in the over all picture of who owns the game. i highly doubt you buy a game and you have the same issue. The problem is for sure happening and it looks as if Wii and Xbox 360 people are covering it up. I personally think it has a lot to do with the console and the consoles reader.

gamestores have been allowing buyers to return it. they do not know 100% what the issue is or how its caused they just send back to the maker as dysfunctional and gets a new one. the retailers have been giving people a new copy of the disc for wii or xbox 360 both systems are having this issue and it MIGHT be happening on PS3 but not enough reports to prove that.

@dcortz2027 Ps3 has reports of this but they are not allowing there to be 1 post on it on there site so it makes it harder to know how many and if its really a problem. but to say mw3 for ps3 has no problems is not true. there was a patch day of release fixing over 10 things on ps3 and changing 2 things on xbox 360.

At this time it is not 100% knew who's fault this is. i dont think it could be bad code as all would be effected. but there is more to this then we know..

what do you guys think?

dcortz20272380d ago

Haha! The PS3 version of MW3 has zero problems suckers!

lorianguy2380d ago

Don't say that, or Black Ops-style quality games will come back to haunt us.

GraveLord2379d ago

Didn't have any problems with PS3 Black Ops either. Hah!

Am I really lucky or is the internet full of bull crap? I think the latter.

n4gisatroll2380d ago

I know someone with a disc read problem on mw3...there are issues. It's just bad coding. Activision needs to stop being greedy, and try to make the industry a little more respectable and release games that aren't messed up.

PirateThom2380d ago

Why would they do that?

Modern Warfare 3 just had the biggest launch ever, no reason to change now when people buy it in droves knowing the issues they'll face.

n4gisatroll2380d ago


Ya...its pathetic people still support this mess. Mostly college kids, I guess. They need to set up to better games then getting abused by the same company time after time.