Is Brink Developer Splash Damage Working On A G.I. Joe FPS?

NowGamer: Brink developer's next project revealed?

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Larry L2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

G.I. Think it could be interesting if done the right way.

I think it could be a great idea if done in a style more like the original cartoon series, and NOT trying to be a CoD or Battlefield. Like a slightly more serious Team Fortress. Instead of picking classes, you pick characters. Like Tanks would be like Roadblock and Destro as an example. Multiple costumes for each character based on cartoons and comics. The only question is.....Do I use metal face Cobra Commander or Rag face Cobra Commander?

Edit- Pre-order bonus character? The Viper. Comes fully equipped with bucket and squigee. (I wonder if anyone is old enough to remember that)

TimmyShire2382d ago


Honestly, why are such a good developer using such a boring license. I hope this isn't true.

Majin-vegeta2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

I love G.I Joe.

guitarded772382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

G.I. Joe is a great franchise, but I don't know if it can handle another raping after the horrible movie and even more horrible last video game. I wish they would let someone who understands the franchise give it the treatment it deserves. Also, I think a TPS would be better. What if they did something like Star Wars Battlefront with G.I Joe... all the vehicles, and the environments with the Terror Drome. You can play as standard Cobra infantry and Joe infantry... and if you hit objectives you can play as main characters.

skyward2382d ago

Easy to switch to TPS view in the Brink engine no doubt. Seems a good fit to me - the factions/characters easily fit a Brink scenario. Solid shooting already built - win/win

2382d ago
chidesd2382d ago

after what happened to the last gi joe game i hope not

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