Latest PS4 rumors and insight

Inentertainment: When it comes to the Sony PlayStation 4 there are so many rumors popping out of the woodwork, whether they are true or not only time will tell. Of course until official announcements are made we have to take them all with a pinch of salt, can the next-generation gaming console be a showstopper? Let’s take a look and see what people are saying and get the latest PS4 rumors and insight from other online news sites.

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Sevir042439d ago

Next xbox is looking more likely to launch in 2013... And judging by the smoke Sony should follow suit as well. I'd like to see Sony use 3 processor based on the cell CPU, but more efficient for coding and 2 custom built GPUs that will work in tandem with the 3 cell based COUs, much like how the RSX and Cell worked in tandem to achieve greatness, uncharted, resistance 3, god of war 3.....

I'm still thinking that both these current gen consoles are still very capable! And that a new gen isn't really necessary... But we shall see. Sony's ps4 should release in 2014...