The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - First HD Texture Pack Released

DSOGaming writes: "Great news for Skyrim fans, as the first Texture Pack for Bethesda’s RPG has just been released. According to the modder, almost all textures have been enhanced and are 4X the size of the original ones. As with most Texture Packs, some might like it while others might not. To be honest though, it seems that Solitude has tweaked the original textures instead of replacing them with some brand, new HD ones. The end result is great in our own opinion and you can find the download link, as well as some comparison shots, bellow."

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fluffydelusions2467d ago

Bring on the comparison videos

SP3333D-O2467d ago

Preferably hi-res screenshots. Too hard to judge quality in compressed videos.

T9002467d ago

Great i waited to play the game, going to play this in afew weeks once the modders have fixed the games looks.

inveni02467d ago

The comparisons that the link has up show the "upgrade" to look terrible. The spec maps are horrible. I'll stick with the default until something awesome comes around.

Captain Qwark 92467d ago

looks worse imo, the texture pack is brighter but seems far less realistic. just my opinion though

SP3333D-O2467d ago

agreed...just looks like they were up-sampled and over sharpened.

SantistaUSA2467d ago

I have to agree with you guys, it definitely looks worse. Sad that the devs held the PC version back, don't get me wrong, the game looks great but a game with open world like that using less than 6 gb shows that they had mainly consoles in mind! Again great game tho.

bozebo2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

"Sad that the devs held the PC version back"

They will have done 80-95% of the work already :(

Artists don't work with silly low-res textures of course... But Bethesda will never, ever, release them because of silly business/management/publisher nonsense and the overall ignorance towards things that big publishers seem to have taken recently as they monetise the industry as much as possible (most likely the same reason the UI sucks, and why the chatbox is so crappy in BF3 etc. and every other console port out there). I mean, they deserve to monetise things - but it always seems to make games suffer. Problem is, most of those profits go to shareholders and not the Bethesda employees, many of whom will have worked day and night in the latter months of development. As a games development student, it hurts a lot to see things like this happen; and I know why it happens. If only all developers/publishers were private limited companies, that would help things move along smoothly because more money would be re-invested into the company rather than them only getting what they need for an individual project (and that project having to be 90% concrete in design before they set out to begin development, games become good because of iteration - no designer can design a perfect game on paper or even with just a prototype, especially when gameplay is a minor detail like TES, the atmosphere; world; progression etc. are vastly more important).

I am used to games looking a lot better than skyrim does. It has affected the immersion somewhat for me. It's still a masterpiece though but my lecturers will still be referring to Morrowind all the time lol.

RedDead2467d ago

Yeah less realistic, it's also no longer blurry ugly textures though

Tyokio2467d ago

I agree, it does looks pretty awful. In most cases it's made things seem to fresh and new, where as the vanilla textures feel/look like they have some history to them. Another thing with the vanilla textures is they really found a way to even out the edges of the mesh with the textures, which is something the HD textures really fail at. Everything just looks too blocky.

STONEY42466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

It's still the same exact texture, it's just that this mod applies some sort of terrible sharpening filter and poor specular mapping to give the appearance of "HD Textures".

THIS is what a proper texture pack should look like. Just imagine what will be done for Skyrim.

ninjahunter2466d ago

Yea, but im thinking that a full texture pack released a week after the game wouldnt look very good. The Crysis 2 HD texture (modders) pack took months to make.

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lMHl2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

cool I like skyrim its fun

VonAlbrecht2467d ago

The game has hardly been out, this guy was obviously rushing in to get it done really fast and you can tell that everything has just been batch-processed through photoshop. The rocks have the same overly grainy look as the wood does.

LightofDarkness2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

I knew it had to be a sloppily thrown together affair, the modding community's version of a "FIRST!" post.

It looks like Unreal Tournament's detail texturing. It was also ported to a variety of Quake engines in early half of the last decade. It looked ok then and was some obvious bit of visual trickery, it was a simple little filtering/shader effect that made undetailed textures look all rough and detailed. It only works on rough masonry and wood, which is what all of Skyrim is, effectively.

But for me it just makes it look more dated than it already does. Lame.

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