The Mind Of A Battleifield Veteran On Call Of Duty

Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 released within weeks of each other this season and both possess ardent and passionate fan bases. Caught up in the crossfire, though, are the bold gamers who try to balance time between both titles. Doing so successfully is a high-wire act that not everyone can survive.

Seeing as though Modern Warfare 3 released two weeks after Battlefield, many gamers are apt to be making the jump from EA’s sprawling, open warfare style of play to the tight quarters of Activision’s more arcadic shooter.

What can such a thing look like? Here are 8 of the most common thoughts floating through the mind of a new Modern Warfare 3 grunt, fresh off of spending hours upon hours blowing up tanks and skydiving in Davamand Peak.

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stickskills2436d ago

Running into a lot of the same issues myself. My solution? Play more Battlefield 3.

StanLee2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

7: That guy’s about 100 yards away, I’ll never hit him. I should save my ammo instead.

[Gets shot in the head one second later by same opponent’s pistol]

* Immediately rage quits and goes back to playing Battlefield 3.

My biggest problem with Call of Duty is random headshots. Deaths are too random. I don't know if it's the lag compensation, hit boxes or just rubbish netcode but it's the most frustrating thing about the game and it's already been hacked. Guy shot me from under the map on Outpost. Every IW game is the same lazy mess. I just quit and went and played Battlefield 3. IW Call of Duty games are rubbish. They're just lazy. 2 years later and people were still rock glitching on Overgrown in COD4.

gamejackin2436d ago

LOL!! Wow that was a pretty good list.

Halochampian2436d ago

Hahaha it's so true!

It's like going from GT5 or Forza to playing Need for Speed.

eraursls842436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Close, but not the same. If in need for speed you were leading, but after the race is over you find out you were actually last because of the lag, maybe then it would be the same. If there was one car on need for speed that was twice as fast and had better handling than any other car it might be similar. Just because need for speed is an arcade game doesn't make it comparable to call of duty, the P2P hosting and the lag that comes with it along with the quick scoping is what ruins COD for me. If they fix those two issues I'd love MW3 (not as much as BF3 though)

Bsip2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Just noticed the spelling mistake in the title. Extremely sorry about that, lol.

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