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The legend never dies.
Xbox 360 version tested.

Do you ever remember playful anecdotes together with your friends now gone? When this happens, almost automatically snaps a smile, a spontaneous effect of our person who becomes again the specific period. And 'this is what happens now to those who have taken up to play as Master Chief, the hero of the world's most famous grave, returning in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversa y, the remastered version of the famous first chapter and rejuvenated.
The series was created thanks to the skillful hands of Bungie and followed each other's creations and the following chapters, the team made ​​its way 343 Industries within the section of Microsoft Games Studio as the primary support for creating the first waypoint, place worship of all players Halo universe to draw from the statistics and stories about, then with Halo Wars, the title inspired by the series but structured as a real-time strategy.
To celebrate its 10 years, Microsoft has provided an opportunity to 343 Industries to revive the title as improved as a tribute to the fans of the series on hold to pursue the path with Halo 4, as our staff had announced exclusively in this Article who later became the subject of inspiration for other versions after the official announcement at the recent E3 2011.

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ssb31732375d ago

This is a great game and it remastered in hd makes it even better