The Man Who Changed Everything

Next Generation writes:

"Alexey Pajitnov, the inventor of Tetris, believes in on the mysticism of games. Here, he reveals all about those 27 kilobytes of code that changed the world."

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lynx1halo3953d ago

Much respect to you my friend....much respect

sagapo3953d ago

or how a simple puzzlegame can get sooo addictive :)
screw graphics, gameplay rules all!

Chubear3953d ago

how tetris is so additive. How old is this game and gameplay? and I still can't get enough. This has go to be the highest most replay valued game ever created.

I have no clue if this was the work of a genius or an absolute fluke from a genious mind all I know is Tetris is probably the greatest game ever concieved. It's replay value is astronomical.

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