Uncharted 3 Character Models Were Heavily Downgraded in the MP

GB : It looks like Naughty Dog has downgraded the engine in Uncharted 3 because of 3D? Or whatever it is. We have definite proof that the character models were downgraded from Uncharted 2. One user in the Naughty Dog forums has posted a bunch of screenshots that show the downgrade in all its glory.

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fluffydelusions2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

I definitely noticed this as well while playing MP. It really stuck out and was the first thing I noticed. UC2 looked better MP wise.

Karooo2434d ago

Sony's fault imo. 3D is such a fad.

Drekken2434d ago

The 3D in Uncharted is unreal. If all games looked like this in 3D you wouldn't be calling it a fad.

ND added in split screen play too. UC3 MP looks just fine.

DeleteThisxx2434d ago

Here we go, just like HDTV's were a "fad" when those just came out too. From a business standpoint, if 3D wasn't successful I don't think companies would be pushing it as much as they are.

I guarantee everyone will own a TV capable of 3D when the price is right.

DigitalAnalog2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

That makes no sense whatsoever. Realistically, they have to compensate quality for the dynamic sequences in the multiplayer (plane take-off, train scene, burning chateau, sandstorms, etc as they take up very heavy processing power)

JBaby3432434d ago

I don't like the whole 3D thing going around but I don't think it's a fad. I remember it FADing out when I was younger with those red/blue cardboard glasses but now I think it's here to stay. Somehow though I don't think it's good for the eyes and brain to have 3D with the amount of time spent on TV/video gaming that people are doing now. Wonder if there are any long-term effects of altering the visual perception like that.

Noticeably_FAT2434d ago

It's definitely a fad, look at how many times 3-D has come and gone, it dates back to the 1950's and each time it comes back "new and improved" only to disappear again.

The reason HDTV wasn't a fad was because it was something that didn't require glasses for, it was something that pretty much everyone from the youngest child to the oldest grandparent could enjoy, even people with only one eye, like my mother.

Where as 3-D is more of a gimmick then anything, it was successful in Avatar, which was a fair movie, but nothing great.

Now every game developer and movie maker thinks that by sticking 3-D on a mediocre movie it will make it better.

All 3-D has brought us is more expense as consumers.

Also, if you notice it's 90% Sony Pictures that makes 3-D movies, a lot of other companies have already abandoned them.

nycredude2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Noticebly fat

Stop talking out your ass bro. 90% Sony that makes 3d movies? Where did you get that number from? Almost every movie out these days are available in 3d. Pixar, disney, warner bros all make 3dd movies? Are Sony the only one selling 3d Tvs also? Duh No way every freaking electronics companies sell 3d tvs now. Stop blaming shit on Sony cause you can't afford big boy toys.

Have you ever used a blue and red glasses to watch 3d and compare it to stereoscopic? Come on man you can't compare. how has it cause more expense for consumers? If anything it has made hdtv picture quality even better than ever, since 3d tvs require higher refresh rates and better tech. You don't like better tvs? Then buy an old 200 lbs crt.

OT; this is shit media at it's worst. 'in all it's shitty glory'

When graphics are awesome it's graphics aren't everything. When it is not the best it's look at the downgraded graphics.

HappyGaming2434d ago

I am out... PS3 is being put on eBay this week!!

gamingdroid2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

I don't think it is a fad, but it's pretty damn close to being one. It will be standard, when it is practically freely included with your TV. At that point, I don't think people will care as the novelty has worn off.

The 3D experience isn't there yet in my opinion. I have to uncomfortable expensive glasses on top of my current glasses, to experience something that makes my eyes tired and watery in about an hour.

Boody-Bandit2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )


I couldn't agree more. I cant tell you how many times I tried to reason with the haters on 3D technology. Just as you said and I have said in the past. There is no way in hell Hollywood and all the electronic companies would be investing billions without doing their homework on 3D.

A ton of movies are being made and hitting retail with 3D support yearly. Its only a matter of time before Star Wars, LOTR, Star Trek, etc come out with 3D bundles.

3D is here to stay peeps. Its not going anywhere.

da_2pacalypse2434d ago

nobody buys Uncharted games for the MP... who the hell cares...

hennessey862434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Trust me it isn't a fad but I do believe 3D has come too soon for consoles, with the exception of wipeout games take a massive hit in the graphics department when you turn 3D on and none of youy can tell me you would rather play uncharted in 3d because the graphics while not bad, are no where near as good when played in 2d and alot of the little details what make uncharted so good looking go missing in the blur.

kaveti66162433d ago

"I have a 43" 3d plasma
Trust me it isn't a fad"

Why would someone who has invested his money into the product admit that it's a fad?

No one would expect you to say that it was a fad.

SilentNegotiator2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

HDMI was a fad, too, right?
TV tech will continue to improve and higher refresh rates and other things will be cheaper; eventually 3D will be standard. Oh, and then it will be accepted on sites like this because the "720" will properly support 3D instead of jimmy it into the old HDMI tech only found in the newer half of the systems.

Multiplayer is always downgraded in graphics. It's done to keep things extra smooth with so many player characters and things going on.

Gamingbolt pulled out the 3D blame from nowhere.

"Even in the campaign you can see a lot of jaggies"

This is what GB does; they make up crap about anything ps3 related and stack ridiculous (in this case, 3D) blame on top with logic like an XboxRepublic poster.

gta28002433d ago

I've never payed attention to this. I've been having too much fun on multiplayer to even give a rats ass about this stuff. I would of never noticed it if I didn't read this article.

milohighclub2433d ago


do you have a 3dtv?? if you did you most likely wouldnt of made the comment you did as you would know it brings much more than expense already got one 3d tv and will be picking up another very very soon. i dont mind the expense because it bring me so much more satisfaction when playing my games. 3d is here to stay for the simple fact that companies have spent so much on implimenting 3d in there tvs, then improving crosstalk and colour levels that there is no way they will just scrap it. just cos you dont like it doesnt mean its a fad.

90%???? what a load of shit, stop making shit up.

malol2433d ago

i cant even think how they managed to do that

Liefx2433d ago

I have never seen 3D done so well in a game. Trust me, it's worth it.

evilunklebud2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

3d, in its current state, is a fad generated by tv manufactures to drive up stagnating sales.

Call me when we don't have to wear the goofy glasses and I'll give it a second look.

MaxXAttaxX2433d ago

As with every other game comparison.

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Sizzon2434d ago

Because of 3D/Splitscreen.

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E2M2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

these people are such idiots like really, some moron posted this on th naughty dog forums. The dlc skins are terrible not the actual standard skins which are readily available. Compare uc3's version of drake with uncharted 2. This comparison is compltely invalid

Intentions2434d ago

Really... Everyone knows that multiplayer graphics are downgraded to have better performance.

It's not like you are going to explore and look at graphics while playing.

Stupid article.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32434d ago

You apparently haven't played Gears 3 online.

Intentions2434d ago


Ohh yeah.
Gears is an exception cos it is an awesome game :D

FFXI1012434d ago

Agree, is muti-players, I don't know what people are expecting.

They are not going to look as good as the cutscenes. But that doesn't take out the fun of the game.

Sub4Dis2434d ago

fun isn't the issue here. this is an irrelevant comment.

what i find funny is that the site shows clear comparison shots and people are still making excuses for it.

Eamon2434d ago

The problem here is that the screenshots are comparing Uncharted 2's multiplayer to Uncharted 3's multiplayer. And U3's MP models look a lot worse apparently.

Perhaps ND could fix this in an update? So the models are only downgraded when 3D is on.

milohighclub2433d ago

gears 3 was a poor, poor game. i was so disappointed i was expecting so much better.

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MsclMexican2434d ago

Sure... character models may look of... It maybe due to the whole customise your character aspect

But the maps look so much better than they did in U2

StraightPath2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

did you see how clean nathan drake looks? its not only them all characters suffer. They MP models are pretty poor.

BinaryMind2434d ago

Who says they didn't downgrade them for a good reason though. You know, to increase loading and improve performance in multiplayer? The author makes the assumption that 3D is the cause, but has no proof.

f7897902433d ago

It's splitscreen. It takes a lot of power to pull it off. 3D is in both parts of the game so it isn't a factor.

colonel1792434d ago

It's not that 3D is a fad. It is NOT ready yet. Maybe next gen consoles would be able to handle 3D properly, but right now those are the results. Even though Uncharted 3 looks great in 3D, you can clearly see the downgrade in the graphics overall. For me, it was a disappointment because hadn't they include 3D, Uncharted would have looked much much better.

I hope that PS4 and Xbox 3 are built powerful enough to handle 3D, because otherwise, I would hate to have developers sacrifice resources in order to handle 3D, and hopefully NOT all games come in 3D as standard next gen, allowing them to make games even better looking and with better performance.

If I had to blame someone for this, I would blame Sony since they are the ones ordering Naughty Dog to include 3D.

hennessey862434d ago

Bought a 3D tv and other than wipeout I rarely turn on the 3d option other than to have a quick look. The next gen should be able to handle 3d but this gens consoles will never be able to do 3d properly

milohighclub2433d ago

colonel, you dont have a clue. how do you know sony ordered them to do it???? does it not occur to you that maybe, just maybe ND WANTED to do 3d??

colonel1792433d ago


It's common sense that Sony is enforcing 3D on everything it can. It's not rocket science. Even if ND wanted or not, they wouldn't have had a choice.

ngecenk2434d ago

multiplayer needs to load the whole map into memory. single player can easily stream from br/hd. nothing new here.

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RedDead2434d ago

Why do the eye's glow like fu*ing ghouls or something?

SonyNGP2434d ago

Someone photoshop some shades on Lazarevic. He has a Dat Ass face!

Nitrowolf22434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

he has such a weird shape head

not the greatest, but lol

he was starring at Chloe though

SonyNGP2434d ago

All my bubbles. TAKE THEM!

Rauland2434d ago

Nobody going to mention how much better the maps look plus all the customising options which the 2nd didn't have..?

Game0N2434d ago

of course not dude, or the epic music that plays when your close to winning or during a powerplay. graphics are always downgraded for MP how is this new?

vortis2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Well for some games on consoles graphics are downgraded in the multiplayer.

The systems are just showing their age is all. How the heck they're going to do multiplayer in GTA V without the consoles blowing up will be a real challenge, especially when Naughty Dog worked their tail off just to make U3 run smooth.

christian hour2433d ago

@vortis I don't think the footage we saw of gta5 was from consoles to be honest :P I'm expecting it to look slightly better than gta4 on consoles but nowhere near what we seen in that trailer. Hopefully have a pc by then :D

But my god am I glad to see some people here with common sense, I was expecting a massive blow out on uc3 is the suxxors hre is proof followed by NO THIS GUY R TRASHING MY GAEM!UC3 IS BEST YOU M JEWLIS!

christian hour2433d ago

Doubtful they'd mention that, you can see it in the last pics, the ak47 looks more detailed in UC3 MP hha.

But it must be obvious day on camp stupid, anyone who's played the beta knew this, anyone who actually listens to what developers say in interviews and doesnt just read the big black buzz words that greet them at the top and then immediately rush to the comment section knew this months prior to the games release. MP would have a serious graphical downgrade in terms of character models because performance>graphics, ESPECIALLY in competetive gameplay modes, you do not want your game lagging to crap just so it can look good in front of you. Its fairly common across console games that MP graphics are always downgraded in some way, shape or form.

This is not news, I consider it more general knowledge. Why is this top news? Its crap like this that makes me want to quit n4g cos honestly it does not feel like there's a lot of news around here for actual gamers these days. You know, people who are passionate about their passtime and enjoy games on all platforms, who understand how games are made and why things look the way they do and actually have a physical understanding that no, the xbox is not an unlimited powrhouse, and neither is the ps3, so fanboys please PLEASE stop assuming that, you relaly dont know just how taxing current gen consoles are on developers, the mind bending frustrating time wasting tricks they need to come up with just to squeeze that extra bit of processing power so the game can run on what is now ancient technology. I feel a gamer would, no SHOULD know this.

The fact this is a top news story just goes to show what sort of community this site has, and it keeps on growing. I find I'm posting less and less because of this, and using the site less and less. It's getting harder to find actual news among all the flamebait articles and fanboy geared articles. If anyone who works on this site reads this, pass this on to any higher ups you know, ahem. "Change the name of your site, because its false fucking advertising! News for gamers my hole!"

Rahim922434d ago

Chloe looks asian lulz