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Player Affinity writes: "Saints Row the Third is an ambitious and often very weird game that has some truly incredible creativity behind it and will have you doing things you’ve never done in a game before. In terms of raw content however, it can get quite divisive and often feels like it could have been so much bigger and better."

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JellyJelly2348d ago

The more you play it the better it gets. Once you have the gimp mask and a VTOL jet it's all out mayhem :)

"It's like if a helicopter f***ed a jet!"

teedogg802348d ago

I hope it does get better because right now I'm a bit disappointed. This game has horrible driving controls, horrible shooting and framerate issues. I might trade it in for Skyrim or something.

Hufandpuf2348d ago

Horrible driving controls? RT is gas, LT is brake.

teedogg802348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

@Hufandpuf I'm referring to the steering. To me something just isn't right about it. Especially the motorcycles.

xPhearR3dx2348d ago

I thought they were pretty good. SR2 on the other hand did have some horrid driving controls, but once you got use to them, they weren't too bad. Only problem I have with SR3 is the pacing. The mandatory activities as missions screw the pacing up so bad. I beat it last night though. Took me around 10 hours going from straight mission to mission for the most part. Have yet to do everything else the game offers.

ssb31732342d ago

This looks to be a decent game, can't wait for my copy