It's A Gaming World - Afterfall: InSanity Preview

World War III is a distant memory. The year is 2023; 20 years after the horrific war that sent the remaining humans underground to escape the war-ravaged, nuclear surface of Earth. Civilization is now eking out an existence in the bunkers built far underground, away from the radiation of the nuclear fallout on the surface. Albert Tokaj, the resident psychiatrist, takes the lead role in Afterfall: Insanity’s bleak and depressing world.

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King-Bowser2469d ago

This game seems good. I wonder if it well be more spooky than Dead space?

IGW_Fobia2469d ago

From the preview build I sure is. I actually feel it is more scary in multiple way than Dead Space was.

King-Bowser2469d ago

Can you expand on that without spoiling anything?

IGW_Fobia2469d ago

I feel that it is more "realistic" scares that Afterfall: InSanity pulls. The events in the game acutally have a possibility of happening...unlike in Dead Space, and for me at least, that is what makes it far more scary.