Excuse me, where are my boss fights?

NAGF: "I’m irked. I feel a lot of key titles this generation have let down hardcore gamers because of their story-driven principles.

"For an example of a game full of excellent boss fights on the shelves at the moment, I look towards the Shadow of the Colossus HD remake. But wait – that’s a game from last generation… Has story become so overwhelming that boss fights have to be sacrificed to accommodate plot, or have I just been playing the wrong games?"

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Eu2461d ago

People nowadays dont really care about boss fights...not when they want to move as fast as they can to the multiplayer part of the game.....

fei-hung2461d ago

If you had boss fights like in DMC one, you would care. This is one the reasons why DMC one was my fave DMC.

ReservoirDog3162461d ago

Ask Deus Ex what happens when you insist on adding boss fights where they don't belong.

Though I suppose boss battles just aren't a realistic fight in most cases. Though I do remember being a little disappointed when somewhere in Resistance 3, they're talking up a fight you're about to have to the point that you start worrying about it. You get there and it's a QTE and when you think things are about to get really interesting, it doesn't happen. So I guess we all have that want for boss battles inside.

But weird rant aside, I don't know. I value story pretty highly in games so I'd rather a great story than boss battles. Of course, look at the best of both worlds with my favorite game ever: MGS3.

kneon2461d ago

Most boss fight are pretty lame anyway. The boss is usually hard to beat because they are just some incredible bullet sponge or they have some magical ultra-healing ability.

grahf2461d ago

Boss fights? You want boss fights?
Try Dark Souls.
You fight bosses. Lots of them.

zero_cool2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Well i don't pay $59.99 plus tax just for dam online multi player that's just plain stupid!The core experience is just as important as the rest of the game.Every aspect of the core experience is equally important that includes..story plot,set peaces,voice acting,animations,sound,graphi cs,mechanics,ai ect...

P.S..We pay a hell of a lot of money per game so we should get what we pay for always & studios that fail to recognize this concept deserve tough love!

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

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