Video game music is becoming overblown

Are gaming scores becoming too orchestral? Has the age of over-budgeted video games nullified the original intent of video game theme music?

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Trainz2406d ago

Music has always been a big factor in gaming and always will be, 'overblown' or not.
It was the music that made the original resident evil games scary, it was the music that made the elder scrolls games adventurous, it was the music that made metal gear solid epic.
This article is pointless.

BinaryMind2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

So the only example the author has is Call of Duty (which isn't even a good example, because the music in that is great and fitting)? Uncharted 3 would have the "overblown" kind of music he's speaking of and it's probably my favorite soundtrack of the last ten years.

If the author wanted to make a case for his opinions, he should have written an article longer and more thorough than this.

Wintersun6162406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

*Imagines Uncharted 3 with 8-bit music.* Yeah, I think I'll go with the "overblown" music, which is awesome by the way.

"Another video game song that has achieved popularity within certain circles is a theme titled “To Zanarkand” from “Final Fantasy X.” The Final Fantasy series has been wildly popular with gamers since the dawn of the franchise in 1987. However, the series is not renowned particularly for great music."

Wait, what?! Open any thread about the best video game music. I'm 99% sure someone will mention a Final Fantasy game. I've loved the soundtrack of every FF game I've played so far.

I read through the opinion piece, and noticed he really doesn't have a single good reason why this "overblown" music is a bad thing. I know it's an opinion piece, but what he's saying is just ridiculous and he's not even giving proper reasons why he wants modern epic games to have cheery and catchy tunes.

And epic scores can be catchy in a way too btw.

ssb31732406d ago

Music is a key element in all games, it is not just one of the biggest factos, but without music, the games would be boring to play. Just look at games like final fantasy, zelda and halo, amazing musis that makes me want to listen to it all.