Final Fantasy 15 an action RPG? Over my dead body, Square Enix

Square Enix is considering making the next Final Fantasy game an action-RPG. OXM's Edwin speaks up in defence of turn-based battling.

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Trainz2438d ago

Everything evolves over time.
There will always be people who reject change but cannot stop it.

dirigiblebill2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

This isn't really change, though, is it? It's trading one generic idea for another.

D3mons0ul2437d ago

Wow so action oriented combat and turn based combat are both generic? What else is there?

I guess by that, everything is generic. Which is probably closer to the truth as generic has just become another empty word because of people who use it for "things I don't like"

dirigiblebill2437d ago


I'm not one of the people who reads "generic" as "things I don't like". Unlike you, it seems.

D3mons0ul2437d ago

You didn't address anything I said. You said trading one GENERIC idea for another.

So if turn based combat and action oriented combat are both generic, what else is there?

dirigiblebill2437d ago

I think your alertness to inference needs levelling up...

"Evolution" suggests a new state, which also means I can't detail evolution's object.

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NYC_Gamer2438d ago

i'm not in to the jprg genre but i feel they should not change the the combat since their loyal fans enjoy turn-based

thesummerofgeorge2438d ago

I agree. A good chunk of the market is starving for jrpg's. Millions of FF fans have been waiting for a true FF game for years, and they could have that part of the market cornered, rather than trying to blend in and make FF just another lame, linear action RPG.

["Should Final Fantasy become a new type of the game or should Final Fantasy not become a new type of game?" company CEO Yoichi Wada remarked to Gamasutra in July last year. "The customers have different opinions. It's very difficult to determine which way it should go."]

^^ Who the f%#k has been asking for FF to become a new type of game? Wada is an ignoramus. Fans have been loud and clear about what they want for many years... This man should be kept far away from the Final Fantasy series.

scotchmouth2438d ago

I find myself agreeing with summerofgeorge. When you listen to fans and see what square is saying... they are either intentionally making bad decisions or are utterly aloof.

You think they would have learned from their recent mistakes. Perhaps individual pride and obstinance is the issue here?

trenso12438d ago

But their Loyal fans are all screaming for versus and isn't that an action rpg? I'm not saying make them all action RPGs but one every now and then doesn't hurt

Tanir2438d ago

i see what you mean, buuut as the series keeps going the gameplay starts getting more fast paced. eventually it had to come to this. hopefully its not full out action, maybe something likee Xenogears or Valkyrie Profile, still very action, but still turn based.

Im all for action rpgs, as versus looks even more amazing than Kingdom hearts, we will see i guess

Dark_Overlord2438d ago

I swear Wada is being paid to sabotage the company, no one could really be this stupid and keep destroying what Square and Enix built up over the years :/

zerocrossing2438d ago

"Final Fantasy 15 an action RPG? Over my dead body, Square Enix"

I wouldn't mind if it was over Wada's dead body. :P

jriquelme_paraguay2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Square Enix is dead

they need to renew their image... change Logo, name... new ips...

perfectCarbonara2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Good idea I would play it. I enjoyed Kingdom Hearts and Mass Effect 2 gameplay so I welcome this.

Also, make the setting a bit like FF: The Spirits Within and you've got yourself at least one costumer.

NYC_Gamer2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

mass effect 2/dragon age 2 are the reasons i'm no longer a fan of bioware....they put dumbed down/casual money grab ahead of loyal fans........

Tuxedo_Mask2438d ago

Yes, bring up the movie that almost killed Square completely when you make your suggestion for how the next FF game should be.

Godmars2902438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Square has been complaining about turn based combat since FF10. Maybe even FF8. The MMO-like style used in XII & XIII was unrewarding to me and I've been wondering why they've never looked back to the combo mechanic used in Chrono Trigger. That should have been built on to allow characters to combine their abilities like the fire spell and arrow attack against a malboro in the FFXIV trailer. Allow player to literally figure out and make their own special attacks.

I actually blame this on Nomura and Kingdom Hearts. Also really wonder how Japanese fans are taking this news.

Neckbear2438d ago

Actually, they did try the attack combination in Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, which had a fairly decent combat system, and brilliant co-op. It's a shame you needed to connect GBAs into the GameCube to actually play co-op, though...

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