Study: Teenage video game players have brains 'like gambling addicts'

Teenagers who spend hours playing video games may have a similar brain structure to gambling addicts, research suggests.

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Titanz2383d ago

There's certain times I find myself saying, "one more online match, then I'll go to bed and rest up for work."

It's easily believable.

Somebody2382d ago

I thought I was the only one....

Trainz2383d ago

Not in my case.
I played games a lot during my teenage years and hated gambling.
In fact I used to go to a casino with my friends on some weekends and I would be the one laughing at others losing all their money.

B1663r2383d ago

Gaming and gambling are two decidedly different activities...

Step one, play Poker with poker chips. See how that felt?

Step two, play Poker with real money for keeps. It has to be money on the scale of... say your monthly rent. Woah! That is a whole different activity!

One thing that computer gaming has taught me, "no body is that good" I can now detect when a match is rigged, and every time I have gambled in a Casino it has set off my "this game is rigged" detector in addition to the intellectual knowledge that casino games are actually rigged.

UltimateIdiot9112383d ago

I think you misunderstood by having brains like gambling addicts.

It's not so much that you are more suspectible to becoming a gambling addict but rather your behavior towards gaming is the same as a gambler towards gambling.

That desire to have one more round/maybe 5 more minutes that turns into an hour.

Kakihara2383d ago

That's fucking ridiculous, I bet this research turns out to be phony, I bet all the money I have.

Ps. That would have been a funnier joke if I wasn't a 28 year old who just lives like a teenager.

IAmCornHolio2383d ago

I will take that bet! How much money do you have? PM me so I can send you my email address so you can Paypal me.

Anyhow the research is totally legit. What is not legit is's reporting of what the research found, or the researchers discussion of the implication of this research. I know because I read some research that showed that stock traders have this same anomaly. So the conclusion could have easily been... "Computer gamers likely future bankers!" But then the idea that computer gaming would make one rich and successful would not sell as many page views.

So anyhow... seriously, a bet is a bet, pm me so I can get you my digits and get all your money;P

LoneWanderer092383d ago

I find my self saying one more match once in a while