The Most Misunderstood Zelda

Adventure of Link and Majora’s Mask have been the most misunderstood and unappreciated Zeldas. At this point, Twilight Princess has to join them, if not take their crown outright in this field of forgottens.

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Pikajew2311d ago

I never understood why people hated TP. I loved it

blaaah2311d ago

Its a great game worthy of all of its initial praise.

NukaCola2311d ago

Was a GC game ported to Wii, so it fell in a time that shafted it. It was outstanding on GC, but that was ruined by the new Wii overshadowing it. And the Wii wasn't used to it potential and the game controlled a little wonky. Great game with odd timing. I loved it. I don't know why anyone would hate it.

EvilTwin2311d ago

To be fair, the game got a lot of love at release. I simply don't understand how it has become some sort of black sheep in the Zelda family, all these years later.

Menashe2311d ago

It's personally one of my favorite Zelda games. I liked the personality and style of Wind Waker more, but I liked the actual content of Twilight Princess a lot more. It was deep, emotional, epic, and resonated a lot with me. There's just something about it. I wonder how Skyward Sword will be looked at five years from now. Being the only top-tier Wii game for a long while, Wii gamers are starving for it already.

Apocwhen2311d ago

I can't believe 5 years has past since I last played Twilight Princess.